Dying Children

One of the kids we make cards for is going to die...any day. I should accept that all the kids we make cards for have that risk, but this boys mom wrote an update that he is not expected to last much longer and he was sent home to be with his family. Doug is just 8 years old and was special to me because he's from a city I used to visit when growing up, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. And as we made cards for him (a few months ago), I hummed the theme song from the cartoon the entire time (and am doing so now!).

Someone asked me the other day why I volunteer so much and how I came to be so passionate with this project. I feel that I am so fortunate in having a healthy child and I get to watch him grow older each year, and mature, and play sports, and be a "normal" child every day. But this is something that many families do not get to do. I am spoiled with my healthy child, with four limbs and working organs and good vocal cords (as tested at least weekly as we endure the teenage years).

Just as I feel spoiled with having an apartment, albeit small, and a nice car, and a loving family and money to eat out twice a week...we are fortunate in so many ways. Volunteering four hours a month of my life to make three children have a wonderful afternoon, or maybe a whole day even, is the very LEAST I can do to make a difference in the world. And as a parent, I know how nice it is to feel as if someone else cares. I feel good about helping others, but helping bring a smile to a child who knows that he is dying is a very good feeling.

I make a difference. Small though it may be, it is something.



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