Internet addiction

I probably spend at least four hours a day on the internet, just reading and clicking and strolling through the web. Sometimes it's legitimate stuff, like setting up my volunteer events (HOP) or managing my social life (MIPL). There is so many great things to find online that people don't even know about! As much as I dislike working at a deskjob for eight hours, five days a week, I think I am more in touch with the world from my internet usage.

I almost always have music playing in the background (Pandora). This is by far the best music player in the whole world! I've found soooo many new songs/artists that I would never have discovered otherwise.

I am not necessarily a huge fan of large corporate sites like MSNbc, but the Clicked site is a favorite for lunchtime browsing at work.

Every evening after 10:00pm, I have to check Woot to see what the deal of the day is. I've only ordered a couple of things from them (I have 10 boxes of printer paper in my closet!), but it usually has great deals, just not always stuff that I want.

I read a few blogs:
Dooce is a fun one.
Lifehacker is a fairly new one I like.
Postsecret I read every Monday morning just after cleaning out my inbox at work.
Neatorama is interesting.

I have about 10 other random blogs to check in with once a week or so. Random bloggers writing random stuff about their random lives; mostly women writing about life as a mom, or nerds writing about computer stuff.

Parenthacks is one I subscribe to -this is one of the few that I actually "subscribe" to and get in my email, but only because I stumbled upon the button and figured out how to register.

And, (not) saving the best for last: Jigsawdoku. I'm totally addicted to this stupid game. I start a game just about anytime I get a phone call, and pause it when I actually have to go back to work. I used to have a sudoku book and I would do a puzzle (or eight) every night before bed, but that cut into my reading time, and I found that the Hard level puzzles were too easy and the Expert level puzzles required too much thinking and planning and could easily take up an hour for one puzzle. That's too much's much easier to just play the game online while working!

I chat all day every day while at work. I have a few regular people I chat with and a few who rarely come on but I wish were on more often. People who sit at a desk all day make the best chat friends. People who are lucky enough not to sit at a desk all day miss out on all the cool links I come across and all the witty commentary I have to offer. :)

And I must leave the computer now, as I try to detox each weekend and enjoy non-computer time as much as I can.


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