The Lost Boys

This worries me....
Bill's Story

It's the story about a kid in Olympia who stood up for his sexuality when he was a young teenager. Ultimately it was too much for him and he killed himself.

After Bill's death I found in one of his notebooks where he had drawn the gay symbol, a pink triangle. Across it he had written, "This is not my choice. This is not forced upon me. This just is."

I know a few teenagers who are gay. I think they live the greatest challenge ever (and by greatest I don't mean a positive thing).

Teens go through so much turmoil just BEING teens. They struggle hourly with trying to "fit in" and find their place in the world around them. They think that life is hard and that everyone else has it better than them. They believe that nothing is fair and that they are being treated unfairly a majority of the time.

Now add to that turmoil the message that they get non-stop from our society that they are supposed to find a "nice girl/boy" to settle down with...when they don't have any urge to be with a member of the opposite sex and actually feel much more strongly towards someone of the same gender.

And an even worse case---your family speaks out openly, maybe frequently, in anti-gay fashion.

Bill's Story scares me because this is a boy who actually HAD support and love from his family and was told from the start that they accept him. They did what parents SHOULD do--they accepted and loved him for who he is, not who they want him to be. They were amazing and wonderful, but they couldn't help him fight the society he lived in.

Our society killed Bill. Our homophobic, racist, sexist, close-minded society killed him. He was just a kid, he was smart and loving and sweet, but that wasn't good enough for our country. If he would have just kept his mouth quiet and found a nice girl to be his mate-he would be alive. He would be miserable and living a lie and unhappy his whole life....but alive. It's sad to think about it that way, but I think his parents should be proud that he lived every bit of his much-too-short life being true to himself.

Bill was only seventeen when he died. He lived a life that was real. He made his family happy and proud. He was bisexual, but that should not have mattered to ANYONE except him and his partners. It's pathetic that a majority of our population is killing so many people with their hatred of people who are different.



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