Random Thoughts

I wish I was here -------->

It's cold in my office. I've been wearing my coat (a ski coat mind you) all morning. The heater is across the room from me and probably on a very low setting, as my office mates seem to not notice the cold, despite their lack of body fat (aka natural insulation).

I have a phone interview later today and a job interview on Thursday morning. That will be interview number....five (I think) in the last 30 days. Talk about frustrating. And do I really want to give up a job where I am paid well and work a very minimal amount? I brought a movie to watch today (what other job in my entire life will allow me to do that!). I'll make the video half-screen and my database half-screen and do some data entry while watching. I wear headphones every day anyway so no one would think it odd.

I wear headphones in the morning to listen to the local talk radio show. In the afternoon I listen to music, but I usually wear them more to drown out the noise of people around me. I do like my office mates...but I think I would appreciate the aloneness of my own office more.

A woman who works upstairs adopted a baby from China early this year. We talk about once a month or so, mostly about kids and parenting. Today she told me that the orphanage where she adopted her baby named ALL the babies "Xiao," which apparently means "smiling" or something like that. The group of parents-to-be all wore smiley stickers to visit the orphanage when they found out. An entire orphanage with only one name for all the kids? That seems odd.

I'm STILL reading the same book. I think it's been about two weeks now. It's only 700 pages...hmmmm...what have I been doing that has been taking my time away from my book? Something VERY important I'm sure.

My bank account is low...it must be getting close to payday (or lets hope so anyway!).

I finished all my Xmas shopping for my mom this morning (while working of course). I have to buy for my sister, my brother-in-law, one nephew, my son and a couple cousins. Only 26 days until Christmas.

The exchange rate for Korean won is down. I was there at a good time. It's now about 931 Won to the dollar. It was about 1200 Won when we lived there.

Today is wrap day at the cafeteria next to my building, which makes Tuesday my favorite day of the week. I could eat the Thai wrap every day and never ever EVER get sick of it. Ever.



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