Who is this Paul character...my dating advice

I have an email penpal, of sorts.
We used to email a LOT, as in 28 emails a minute, but then I realized that all our emails are about me. Just me and my life. Because my life is just THAT interesting that there is really nothing better to talk about.
Me and my past. Me and my escapades. Me and my job. I don't really know much about him, other than he wanted to meet me really badly. Without his girlfriend present of course.

And so I cut back on the emails and moved on. Inevitably he emailed me again and we started again with the rapid fire emailing. It went on again and then it came out that he got married. It wasn't like he said "I'm getting married soon" or anything...I think I just happened to ask him something about if they talk about marriage and he chose that moment to let me know they had a couple weeks ago....key info that you would share with your email friend (and your postman and your neighbors and the bank teller, etc).

And yet, he persists...who is this man??

It might be somewhat typical of the men I meet. Just ask my oldest sister. She's the first to point out all the bad judgment calls I've made about men. She actually wouldn't stop at just pointing them out, she'll take it a few steps further and make jokes about it, reference key information I would rather forget, and pull out photos and discuss them. I love meeting new people, I love learning about others-it's the reason I went into sociology: I love the study of people and cultures. I just happen to get involved with some of the more interesting "subjects" that are out there.
I don't regret any of it. None of the men I have dated or had relationships with are ones that I would choose to omit from my history. I truly believe I've learned from each and every one. Here are some of the lessons:

1) Never marry your drinking partner. When you are ready to quit, he most likely will not be.

2) If your boyfriend is willing to give up most of his life for you, he's not who you thought he was.

3) If you are willing to give up most of your life for him, you are not being true to yourself and you should run. Fast.

4) If he does something more than once a day that you do not enjoy in any way whatsoever, let's say smoke for example, than the chances of you getting sick of it fast are inevitable.

5) If he's married, he's not for you. He's obviously already for someone else.

6) If you can't hang out with his friends without getting into arguments that last more than half a day-it's not a good fit. They are his friends for a reason...because they are alike in some ways. I think the rule is, if you can not be at the same house party with his friends, you will never be able to sit down to dinner and have a normal conversation with them.


7) If you discover that they've lied about everything that you thought was true-such as having a job, having only been married once, having two degrees, etc....it's probably safe to assume you will never be able to trust him long enough to make it through a movie without wondering who he went off to call when he said he went to get popcorn.

Nope, no regrets. All of my previous relationships had led me to be the person I am today, and I'm pretty happy with that person.

Paul though...I'm not sure how Paul fits into the Life of Kaylen.



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