Happy Holidays!!

"Christmas" 2006 is almost over!
We celebrated with my family on Saturday. Unfortunately I have a bit of a cold and the three-hour drive was exhausting and I took a two hour nap soon after getting to the parents house. The kids were going to make cookies while I slept, but I woke up to the sounds of them playing a computer game, not the smell of baking. They were happy that I woke up--so I could do the typing in the game (I AM the fastest typer in all of the wild west). I felt a little better when I first woke up and I felt much better when they finally turned the television off-which is a Xmas miracle in itself. The tv at my parents house is typically on at high volumes about 16 hours of the day. It normally gives me a headache, but already being sick, I was not looking forward to being there. It was a wonderful bonus that we got to open presents this year with the tv off. Maybe next year I can even convince them to turn on some holiday music! Baby steps...

I hate the materialistic aspect of this holiday, though I really do love giving gifts-I just don't like to feel like I'm forced to buy them. I was happy with almost everything I gave this year-except my dad's of course. He is impossible to buy for. I don't know that I really "know" him that well, not well enough to buy him a gift he will truly like. My niece is easy-she makes a wish list every year that almost could be a "wish booklet." She has no trouble thinking of things she wants. My wish list was fairly compact-I listed things that were not too expensive, as my mom always makes a point of saying she's on a budget this year (every year). I got the blender I wanted, the scrapbook paper, the bedsheets, the puzzles. The kid got the tv he wanted and has barely left his room since we discovered there is actually cable in his room. We will have to set some rules down about that-though it was pretty peaceful last night having nearly the entire house to myself. I think having a television in your room takes you away from time you would spend with your family and I have always been against it (I bought him it so he could play video games in his room, not the living room). We'll see how long the cable lasts in there...I have a feeling it won't be very long.

We still have a dinner to go to tonight with our cousins. It's always fun at their house and they adore the kid (which is refreshing to have someone else love him almost as much as I do).

I'm feeling a bit better-I've slept a lot in the last two days and had more juice than I normally care to have. I'm off for a nice warm shower and then have one last present to wrap before we can leave.

(pics posted later-the blogger isn't working)



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