Manic Monday

I hate Mondays.
My inbox is always full. I usually have personal things to take care of (like my blog for instance!) and little time to do them.

The blogger editor thing-a-ma-bob isn't normal and now I'm stuck with no fancy blockquoting capabilities or italics or anything! Plain and boring, but I DO know how to change colors.

South Africa's "most wanted" criminal was captured. I find it hard to imagine jails in South Africa..I have a hard time conceptualizing a "normal" thing in our society into a worldwide one, especially as it applies to a nation where 21.5% of the adult South African population have been estimated to be HIV positive (in 2003). Who has time to worry about jail?? One fifth of the population has HIV?? That's a LOT.
ANYWAY--back to "the ultimate criminal," as they are calling him (his family must be so proud!). This is the amazing part of the story:
He reportedly escaped by covering his body in Vaseline and squeezing through his tiny cell window which measured just 20cm by 60cm (8in by 2ft).
That's creepy. I don't think my head could fit through that amount of space, much less any other piece of me! Um, and why did he have vasoline in his jail cell??

I can't believe Christmas is in 21 days. I can't do any more shopping until the 15th. I keep waiting for my magic money fairy to leave money under my pillow (or in my mailbox, or under my windshield wiper, or on my doorstop, etc), but she hasn't shown up yet!

I need to learn to cook more things. I feel fairly limited in that I (almost) only eat chicken, and I'm tired of pasta. We ate out about 4 times last week. I didn't cook the entire weekend. It's out of control.

I did manage to get up early on Sunday and stand in line outside Circuit City for 30 minutes and help my son get a Nintendo Wii. That was fun. They handed out 40 tickets. We watched the Circuit City monkey give out the 40th ticket to the guy directly in front of us.... Not cool monkey-boy! We wandered around the parking lot a bit as the lines dispersed and one of the women from the front of the line offered to sell us her ticket -for a deal of only $60! Not cool front-line-lady! BUT---as we were walking to the car, a lady who was a bit ahead of us in line drove back around and offered us one of hers, saying that both her sons got tickets but decided they both didn't need the system. YAY!!! My son said it happened because I have good karma for all the good things I do for other people.

I had a great volunteer project yesterday too - more on that tomorrow when I get my pictures uploaded and figure out how to add them using HTML coding.



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