Matchmaker Kaylen

I think I've made a match!!
A local friend of mine, who I chat with nearly all day at work, has talked about how he doesn't like to be home all night in an empty house, and it's hard to cook for one person, and he gets fairly hermit-like.

My neighbor, whose husband just left her, after giving 30 days notice at their apartment complex, has no where to go. She's never lived alone and can't stand being in an empty apartment at night. She asked her sister-in-law to stay with her, but they both have been in my apartment most of the last week.

We went out on Friday night (Pac-Man, Pinball and PBR event) and met my friend there. Everyone got along wonderfully and the next day I mentioned to her that, hey---my friend has an empty room! Maybe he'll rent it to you!!

I think it's a good match, though they'll have to figure out the exact terms and such, along with the fact that one has a puppy, the other has an adult cat. They got along well and they both need company. And it's not like it's a long-term commitment...she has no idea whether she's going to stay in this area and if her marriage is going to work out (or if she should try anymore). I'm excited about it because she's my new friend and I want her to stay close by. She's jumped right into our lives and is like part of the family. That doesn't happen that often, I'd hate to lose it just after it started!

I most definitely have a cold. My throat is very raspy-I kind of like the sound of it! Not too many other symptoms beyond the cough though so it's not so bad.

It's super-cold out today, but I wore a short sleeved polo today, knowing that the officemate who is in charge of the heater only knows two settings: ON and OFF. And by ON, I mean-the highest temperature possible. This morning when I got to the office, I unwrapped my scarf, took off my gloves, hung up my coat, and then proceeded to start sweating. And that's been the entire workday-and in just a short bit, I'll be bundling back up for the cold winter weather outside, where I will promptly forget what it feels like to be warm.



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