My Wish List

I keep getting harassed for my Christmas list. I'm fairly independent so it's hard for me to tell someone: "this is what I want you to buy me." If I don't make a list though, I get random things that I probably don't use or want so as much as I fully appreciate getting gifts, it's nicer to get one that you actually want.

So here's my Wish List: (in no specific order of importance)

1) World Peace
2) A coffee table
3) A new couch
4) A house (just a small ranch house with a basement and 2 or 3 bdrms)
5) A new president
6) A button-down, long-sleeve dress shirt from Lands End
7) Shoes shoes shoes!
8) A necklace, something simple, something that sparkles with diamonds or rubies or something similar
9) A cure for leukemia
10) Adobe Photoshop (since my not-so-legal version won't work!)
11) My car loan paid off (really, it's less than $4500!)
12) No more fighting in Darfur (a smaller request than World Peace)
13) The end of the KKK and the Aryan Nation (they are so ridiculous -like a high school club of unpopular kids gone bad)
14) A new Palm Pilot or maybe a new MP3 player, I can't decide...
15) Cooking skills (not lessons, I want the skills needed to cook)
16) A laptop (not Dell, they suck)
17) The collapse of Wal-Mart, or better management for it
18) To wake up and be 5 sizes smaller
19) My phone bill paid
20) A new rug for my living room
21) 24 movie passes (so I can go to a movie with my son every month)
22) Kitchen table, square-I don't like my round one
23) A really nice flatware set, for at least 8
24) Contact lenses so I can shed these glasses and be FREE
25) The super power of invisibility
26) A KitchenAid Mixer
27) My ex-husband to not be a dead-beat dad
28) A new comforter for my bed...something soft and beautiful and plush in an olive green like color.
29) Will Smith's phone number
30) A trip around the world

Whew! That wasn't as hard as I thought!!
Wish List complete, back to work.



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