Nothing Today

The kid is sick.
My right knee and left wrist both ache.
The house is a mess.
My car made a weird noise today.
I'm low on money.
My neighbors husband left her.
My friends grandbaby died.
An editor of CNet was found dead in Oregon.

My online friend and I always tell each other, if you're going to say something negative, you have to follow by something positive. We usually make the counter-point not in any way connected whatsoever so that it's a little more fun and silly. Here's the revised list from above:

The kid is sick, but I am really starting to like the color pink.
My right knee and left wrist both ache, but the weather is nice.
The house is a mess, but I am excited to go work out tonight.
My car made a weird noise today, but I got to read an extra two hours this morning.
I'm low on money, but I found four new songs to download.
My neighbors husband left her, but the new Dean Koontz book was released.
My friends grandbaby died, but I might have a job offer by next week.
An editor of CNet was found dead in Oregon, but tomorrow is a free lunch day at work.

I don't think getting 8 hours of sleep is good for me. I'm more tired now than I am on the nights when I only get 6.

I'm the only one in my office right now (it's late) and I love it. I can't wait until the day when I have my own office again. It's possible that in a few weeks my new office will be a cubicle. I'm excited to decorate it and make it funky-fresh and fun, but I imagine cubicles aren't meant to be a "fun" place. Mine will be though. All the staff will say things like "have you been to Kaylen's cube today? It's rockin!" And I'll have themes, like all green for March. And maybe a disco ball in the corner. We'll see how long the enthusiasm lasts...

Late late late, it's time to go home!



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