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I FINALLY finished the book I was reading....

It took a LONG time, almost two full weeks. I struggled through this one, it wasn't my favorite in the series. A good book, but not my favorite of the four. Now I just have to wait for the fifth, which should have been out already, but the author is saying might not be done until February. Frustrating...I'll have forgotten a ton of info by then. However, when I do get into the new book, it'll be like a little reunion with me and Arya and Jon and Cersei and Brienne and the direwolves (and where did Bran go??).

I started a new book on Sunday afternoon and finished it yesterday morning. It was really well written. A Spot of Bother by Mark Haddon, who won an award for his first novel (last year I think) and his second novel was just as good I think. I like his writing style, it's different but really easy to enjoy.

I have another book from the library to read, can't remember the name right now. I have 16 books on my book list that I want to read...and then the new Dean Koontz came out and the new Michael Crichton's never-ending! I love it. There's just something about a really well-written book.



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