Something to Sleep on..

I stayed up much, much too late last night-on a work night. I typically get about six and a half hours of sleep each night and I do alright with that, but last night I probably got about four and a half. I can usually tell a big difference when I get half an hour less each night, so getting two hours less is making a huge impact on my day. I've been trying to read the manual for my database (I'm on page 233 out of 876) and my eyes just sloooooooooowly keep closing. Gravity is too much for them at this point.

I have too much to do tonight to go home and take a nap!

My neighbor, who is NOT moving in with my friend, just got home after being gone a week and I'm sure she will have lots to talk about. My son and I are going to the gym-we haven't been able to go since last Thursday. I need to do laundry. I have to figure out my volunteer schedule for the next few months. I have to get to bed early-I could probably go to bed at seven and sleep all through the night.

I wish we could rollover sleeping time, like some phone companies do with minutes (not mine-You're a jerk Verizon!!); so that if you slept ten hours one night, but only five the next, it would all even out to a perfect seven hours a night! Or Sunday morning, which is the only morning I ever really sleep in, I can sleep a good twelve hours and then be fine with only three hours sleep on Monday. Imagine all the stuff I could get done in life if I only had to sleep three hours a night!!

My house would be cleaner. I could learn another language faster. I could read a ton more blogs each day! I could get through my database manual without having to reread the same paragraph twice (stupid gravity!!). I could READ-which I STILL have not done!! (I don't even have a book at home to read-and that rarely ever happens. It's sad.) I could organize my music collection-out of 6000 songs on my computer, I would guess that 100 of them are duplicates that are misnamed or incomplete songs. I could take up knitting and make blankets for orphaned babies in some third world country. I could write the novel I've been wanting to write since I was in sixth grade. I could write hand-written letters to the people that mean the most to me and live far away from me. I could start some home business and be very successful in just three short weeks with no money down! I could play computer games. I could learn to cook. ENDLESS possibilities...I just hate the idea that I'm sleeping my life away.

I don't want to be tired anymore!!



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