Save the Children

Children shouldn't die!!

Another of the kids who we make cards for has died. I think that's only the third one in the last 13 months, out of 39 very ill kids-we've only had 3 that have died. That's three more than should have. All three died of leukemia.

Donovan is the most recent. I had a volunteer group of 18 people who showed up ten days ago to make cards for Donovan and two others. I have the cards in my car to be mailed...but now I have about 30 cards that will never be used. Even my son seemed taken aback by this death, though he hadn't so much the others (in the past, he reminded me that I KNEW they were terminally I shouldn't be so hurt). This most recent group had fawned over how cute Donovan was. It was too soon to lose him!

It's sad whenever one of the kids dies, but this was a two-year old. He was adorable and so young. And we JUST made cards for him. He deserved more time. His family deserved to have more time with him.

It really makes me appreciate how fortunate I am that my son is healthy (for the most part). I feel foolish for being angry at him for not hanging up his sweatshirt least I GET the chance to teach him the importance of putting stuff away (even though he seems to be a SLOW learner about this particular matter!). I can not imagine what Donovan's parents have gone through, with the illness itself as well as the actual death of their baby boy.

When I was in a really horrible situation, I used to repeat to myself: That which doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Donovan's parents must be superheroes.



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