Data Entry Day

I have been entering data into my beloved database for the last 4 hours straight!

I type fairly fast, about 85wpm last time I was tested (at 100% accuracy). I highly enjoy working on computers, however---my wrists are killing me.

My median nerve, which controls a huge percentage of my hand, is quite unhappy today. It aches on a good day, but on days where I'm entering data all day-it's bad. My fingers feel like they are being tightened.

I went to physical therapy for it about 18 months ago and my wrists were both feeling much better. It was time-consuming, about 75 minutes twice a week, and not free (though I made friends with the physical therapist and he wrote off a portion of it!). It was very enjoyable and after two months, they were like nearly-new wrists and WONDERFUL. I wear a wrist brace when I am typing for long stretches, like today for instance, but it doesn't curb the pain, it just keeps it from getting to be intolerable.

I will use the heating pad tonight and try and curb the pain a would be great to have a wrist rub though...I suppose some vicodin might help curb all my aches and pains but I'd prefer to avoid that as long as I can.

It will be a sad night tonight! When will they come up with wrist transplants??



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