Job Hunting....


I'm so tired of interviewing. I think I've interviewed for 10 different jobs in the last year. That's a LOT. I know people who have been looking for a job for a full year and have only had a couple interviews. But really, ten interviews and no job?? I don't think it's me-I just think I wasn't the right one for the jobs that I was applying maybe I should be more selective about what I apply for. I get great feedback both directly and via word-of-mouth about my interviews, so at least I can say that the way I interview is not holding me back...I just have to be patient. I know the right job will come along.

My dream job will involve:

Database work
Creating powerpoint slides or presentations of some sort
Manipulating numbers/data
Giving presentations or being in front of a group for some reason
Event planning of some sort (not always, but a few times a year at least)
Having a lot of contact with a variety of people
My own office
Having a good amount of responsibility
No micromanaging supervisors
Working in a job that makes a difference
Flexible hours
Great pay
Amazing benefits
A little travel now and then
Yearly bonuses
Obvious appreciation by those I work with/for

Is that so much to ask for??



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