One More Day!

I'm working on a couple PowerPoint presentations for a national conference my boss is attending...I've had no time to do anything but work today. It's been awhile since I've worked non-stop for 8 hours straight...this is a nice change for me. It'll all be better tomorrow when "she" is gone and I can get back to doing whatever it is I normally do. Though if it were up to me, I would work on PowerPoint slides all day-I love it. I think I might even love it more than I love my database.

I agreed to lead a volunteer project tonight on the opposite side of town just after work today. I don't volunteer on weekdays, it's just too much with work and the kid and schoolwork and housework. It'll be a mad dash after work to go volunteer and then rush back home to spend less than two hours with the kid. He's going to go work out with his Big Brother tonight so he'll be busy until I get home anyway, which is great-no guilt for me about him staying home alone.

I worked out at the gym the last two nights in a row. I love it, I wish I could go every night, but I am afraid my knees wouldn't like it. I'm hoping to start running again this summer so I'm keeping pretty cautious right now.

My wrists have been really bothering me lately. I miss my nightly wrist rubs!!

It's been almost a full year since I've left the state. I want to travel..

I need to get back to PowerPoint land for now though. Nothing exciting or new to see here.



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