Poor Parenting

Some people have no idea how to parent. I don't claim to be the best parent in the world, but there comes a point when parents must look at their kids and think...wow, I really did go wrong here...and then they should take action to do something different.

I think I am pretty fortunate with my son, in that he is pretty easy to parent about 90% of the time. I know he has his faults and quirky "issues," but overall, he's a good kid. He does his homework each day, up until this last semester he got straight A's with very little effort on my part to push that along. He helps out around the house when I ask. He is a good kid for the most part. I adore him-he's wonderful. Can't keep his room clean....but still wonderful.

Parenting is hard. It really is. Seriously. It's the hardest thing ever....and it never ends. Once you give birth-you're on this really hard mission the rest of your life to help this person you created become a good human being. Not just for your own sanity while they live at home, but for everyone around him/her in the future. Sometimes it's scary seeing how other people are raising their children--they are the people your child is growing up with...scary..like any of the people on this show:

I wonder if someday the family will look back at this video and realize how ridiculous it all was.

No time to blog today...training all afternoon!



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