Smoke this....

This past weekend, I was at the local bar with a friend and started talking to this guy who had been alone for the past hour. We were making bets on whether or not he was staying at the hotel next door, as the previous two times that we went to the bar, we only met guys from the hotel. So I start talking to the guy and find out he recently moved up here from North Carolina, he does some kind of job that is not engineering, but kinda in that field, and he loves to snowboard. Over the course of the first few minutes I spoke to him, he was not smoking, but holding a cigarette. The bar is loud-very loud, and I was having to lean in towards him to talk/listen. Finally, I just asked if I could see his cigarette and motioned towards his hand, as if I might want to share with him....He, of course, offered it and I promptly dropped it in the drink glass I had just finished, and then continued the conversation as if nothing had just happened.

[insert shocking pause]

He just stared at me for a moment and then at his cigarette smoldering on ice. He appeared a bit taken aback and then told me that he's 30-something years old and doesn't really need me to look after his health for him.
Sometimes I think I'm too bold and I don't know how it doesn't get me in trouble. I explained to him that he hadn't been smoking it and I wanted to talk to him but couldn't with it smoldering near me and that I would gladly leave and he could light up again if he wanted. He said no, it's okay...but next time just warn him. He gave me his number ten minutes later and then called me to say he was glad to have met me (whatever the 30 minute conversation meant to him..).

Point being---how is it that I haven't gotten in to some fight at some point is beyond me. I don't think that I'm "all that" and I don't believe that all girls should be treated like Princesses. I am aware of what I have to offer and I think that I'm a really great person to hang out with, and as such, people should be happy when I deem them worthy of a few moment's of my time....ha--kidding of course!! I don't know why I think I have the right to intrude on that mans cigarette after only talking for a few minutes. I had no idea if our conversation would have gone on longer and I have no idea if he was on his last cigarette and freaked out about not having money to buy more until payday. He could have been a crazy man who just stopped by the bar for a drink before continuing on his killing spree. He turned out to be just a good ole Southern boy (though he did say the F-word TWICE) and all alone in a new city.

I gave him the nickname Carolina and he seems okay. But he smokes, and as such, is not someone I can hang out with often, if at all.

Smoking is gross. I don't understand why more people don't get it.



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