Today ends a bit of a crazy week. It was only a four-day work week, but it felt like a lot more.
My head has been swamped at work with my database. I LOVE databases. I like things that have a very clear reason for why it's doing something, even if I don't quite understand the clear reason-I know there IS one.

Humans on the other hand...are mysterious creatures. They say one thing and mean something else. They feel something when they shouldn't. They are rarely "clear" about anything.

I have two wonderfully descriptive 900-page manuals that tell me exactly how to manipulate my Filemaker Pro database. It's easy--if I want to import xml data from an online form (which I do) and have no idea how (which I somewhat still do not), I can turn to pages 57-58 for an explanation of importing, pages 75-79 for a description of using forms that utilize xml data, pages 354-355 for setting up the xml data to be imported, etc....I can move things and shape things and graph things and manipulate data to whatever my needs might be. Databases are WONDERFUL things. They just make sense. They are logical. They follow a certain order of rules.

HUMANS are ridiculously unstable, unpredictable, illogical creatures. I'm not sure I like them that much somedays...



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