Friday Friday Friday!!

I'm so glad this week is over. I'm not sure wasn't necessarily a hard work week. I think I need to get more sleep next week.

I'm back to riding the bus again to work. I enjoy having 20 minutes of somewhat peaceful time after work when I can read or nap. Riding the bus makes me sleepy...and ten minutes is the perfect amount of time to be refreshed. It's frustrating not being able to drive to work though. If I need to leave early, it takes me entirely too long to get back to my vehicle. If my son were to need me to pick him up from school and calls between 9:00am and 3:00pm, it would take me about 90 minutes just to get to my vehicle and from there it's twenty minutes to his car. I take an express bus in the morning and afternoon but it only runs before 9 and after 3. In-between those times, I have to take a bus downtown and transfer to another bus that will take me to my car. It's absurd that my employer can't provide any kind of parking options for me other than a $13/day pass, that may or may not be available when I get here. I'm on a waiting list to get a permanent parking pass - I hear it's about a six - nine YEAR wait and it costs about $100 a month if you do get one. It's absurd.

What's even front of my building there are about 15 spots reserved for the department that used to occupy the first floor of my building. They USED to occupy's been empty since late last September. So for four months, we have to walk through this empty parking lot, knowing that we are not allowed to park in it. I suggested we take one spot and make it an Employee of the Month type spot. ONE spot--it would be a big deal for all of us to know that we have a chance to park at work at some point. My department isn't very nice I think. I can't wait to leave here.

Speaking of which, it appears that the job I interviewed for on Tuesday is a possibility. They are checking my references now. It would be a nice raise and a big step in my career to get in this position. It would most likely mean a sharp decrease in my chatting online time during the workday, as well as my blogging time. I would love to have that trade-off though. I can blog at night and chatting isn't that important to me.

Last weekend was fun--had a visit from my mom, sister and niece. My sister and I worked on our scrapbooks for about four hours.

I actually have some friends coming over tomorrow to scrapbook as well. I don't usually scrapbook that much, maybe once a month. The party tomorrow has been planned for two months though. The girl who planned it with me is big into it-she used to scrapbook about two-three times a week. But then she found God (again). She now spends about two-three times a week in the church. I don't talk to her very often anymore's sad. Another friend lost to the church life. I'm sure jesus/god/allah/buddha would want her to spend more time with her family and friends , but whatever, maybe some day she'll realize the error in her ways and come back to us all.

My inspirational quote of the day: (stolen from a movie where the women were discussing how Madame Bovary could be considered a feminist)
"Accept a life of misery or struggle against it. Hunger for an alternative and refuse to accept a life of unhappiness."



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