Give me a Break!

I'm soooooo irritated with my manager. She's quite the control freak.

I handed my resignation letter in and she told me couldn't "accept" my final date and I would need to finish the payroll period out. I wanted to be done on a Wednesday so that I would have a nice, long weekend before my first day of my new job. A transition period between jobs is a good idea I think.

According to my union rep though, managers here are allowed to keep an employee up to four weeks. It's meant for situations where the persons position simply can not be empty. My position...could probably go a few months and it wouldn't be that tragic. But the Control Freak (C.F.) told my supervisor that she needed me to stay those extra two days because she wouldn't have time to complete the paperwork in time. It's bullshit really. But it's only two extra days (and it's not like I'll be doing a lot of work those days).

AND THEN.........

Then this morning C.F. came in to my office and told me that she needed the name of the manager in my new department so she could get to work on the paperwork process with them to complete my transfer. For the third time in the last 48 hours, I told her I have two job options and I'm not sure which one I'm going to take yet and I will know for sure on Tuesday. Her remark: I need to know today. She just goes around in circles and is immovable..she needs a name today. After rewording things for her multiple times, like I would a confused five-year old, and not getting any different response from her, I said, fine, I will tell you by the end of the day. She said thank you and left.

The end of the day for me is 4:30. It's a long weekend-we have Monday off. If I give her a name at 4:25pm, there is absolutely nothing she will do with it before Tuesday morning. She typically leaves at 4:00pm anyway. But she HAS to have that name today.

I have two REALLY great job opportunities to choose from. It'd be great if I could take the three day weekend and think long and hard about which one is the right one for me. And she thinks that she's going to control me just a *little* bit more and make me decide right now.

I hope she realizes that she's forcing me to leave with a very negative impression of the department-which is absolutely unnecessary. I haven't been happy here for a long time, why not just let me go peacefully?

Ridiculous and unnecessary drama.

I'm so glad I'm almost done with her. I hope to never cross her path again.



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