I'm SO Over It...

How do you know you're over someone?
If you're over them--you know it. If you don't know for sure, then you are not.

I like to think of it as an old pair of shoes. You know you're over someone when you can think of the relationship as a pair of shoes you used to love and think were THE coolest shoes ever, but now you see them as just an old pair of shoes that hold some fond memories (like that time we snuck onto the grounds of the museum and had some wine on top of the hill and looked out over the city and talked about everything and nothign) and some bad ones ....but they are JUST shoes. They might be more important to you than a random pair of shoes, but....they are JUST shoes. Shoes that you wouldn't want to wear again, shoes that you could get rid of and not be too traumatized, shoes that you no longer HAVE to have in your life. JUST shoes.

I have some small mementos from past relationships-not a lot, maybe one or two from each.
I have some photos of the punk-rock kid I dated that I will probably keep-my son is in them, they're funny. I have a child from that one marriage I had (ha-I'm definitely keeping that memento!). I have a bit of tarnished credit from the psycho I dated, unfortunately that's with me a bit longer.
Oh--and I have HUGE trust issues from the psycho as well....but that's a story for another day.

No love notes though. The love is gone, or was never there in some cases, so the notes mean nothing.

I would rather live a minimalist lifestyle anyway and only want to keep things that hold deep value to me. Having a sweet love letter written to me by that guy in high school who swore we would be together forever is really not that meaningful at this point in my life.



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