It's a Special Day Today

It's my birthday!!!!!!!!

I can't believe I'm thirty-three. I still FEEL 25, though I have a 14 year old now and it sometimes feels as if I'm 45.

Thirty-three is starting out pretty well. I turned down one job offer this morning (the pay wasn't equal or more to the first job offer I have), and am now free to be excited and apprehensive about my new role.

I got a fat income tax check back this week and the promise of a $2/hr raise in my new job leads me to believe that I will NOT be stressing about money for a short time (until I start house-shopping anyway).

Life is good....

CAKE!! I think the best cake in the world comes from Charm City Cakes, though I haven't actually tasted one (yet!), I'm pretty confident that they are. They make MAGIC there, they really do.



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