A New Beginning

I have a job offer!!
I might possibly have two, as I'm interviewing for a position tomorrow and I have heard that they think I am an exact match for the candidate they are looking for, but all I can think about is how I will NOT be at this crappy little desk in just 2.5 weeks!!
Common practice is to give two weeks notice, but I think I'm going to take two days off in-between jobs to do something fun, or even nothing at all!
There are three REALLY great things about this job.

1) It's a REAL job-a career position that will make me think each day and actually make me feel as if I went to college for a reason.
(seriously, monkeys could do my current job most days)
2) It's a BUSY job - I'll actually be leaving work each day with a sense of immense accomplishment from being at work all day and feeling like I'm greatly appreciated and valued.
3) It's NOT in this department, which means I will get away from all the lunatics I currently work with. Goodbye very-vocal, very-Republican, very-Catholic, very-self-righteous doctor. Goodbye skanky co-worker who got me in trouble to deflect attention when SHE was caught cheating on her husband. Goodbye disorganized, looney, somewhat-incompetent, needy and irresponsible boss. Goodbye and a big F-You to the manager of our department who has NO idea how to effectively manage administrative staff and makes us all feel bad. Goodbye director of the dept who can't be bothered with returning a Hello if we run into each other outside the office (or even inside the office most days!) and who admitted he didn't know his charge nurse's name, though he's worked with her for THREE years (WTF?? Really-he admitted he didn't know her name!).

I will miss some things:
**The free lunches. This department wastes a LOT of money on food and the admin staff gets to take home the extra food. It was wonderful and fed my household more times than I can count.

**The free time. My job could really be combined with my coworkers job and have ONE full-time position, not two.

**The funny Asians in my office. I just spent the last ten minutes describing to my Chinese coworker how cupcakes are made. She never knew how people were able to "shape" the cake and get it to fit in the little paper holder. She thought that it was some special instrument or tool that stores had to make them, or people at home would cut out a mini round cake (from a full sized cake) and set it in the paper wrapper, while the cake was still hot so it kind of seals into the cupcake wrapper.

**The free time. When will I blog??? How will I be able to sneak away for two-hour lunches?? What about all the online surfing I do between projects??

I think my new job will keep me VERY busy and I will have to figure out how to blog before bed instead of during work. It'll be a challenge at first, but I'll figure it out.

Oh, and did I mention it's a fat raise?? I'm at the top of my union-regulated pay scale in my current position and have had no raise for the last 18 months. I will now be making at least two dollars more an hour (it's not all worked out yet how much) and my new union-regulated pay scale goes up another $9/hr than what I make now. That's quite significant. I'm not a big money-hungry type, but I recognize the importance of it. Getting just an initial raise will mean that when my lease is up, I will be at a place financially to start looking for a condo/house to buy and get out of the apartments we've been living in for the last three yrs. Which means a LOT to my son who somewhat thinks that true happiness comes from having more than 1000 square feet to live in.

YAY for me!!!

Oh-and I got a nice bouquet of non-red roses and a box of yummy chocolates for V.D. day. Things are turning around quite nicely...



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