Ten of My Favorite Things

1. My son (of course). He's my favorite because he's my only child and as such, I can say that guilt-free. He's not perfect (he is a teenager and it's not possible to be both perfect AND a teen), but he's pretty amazing. He can be whiny and obnoxious, smelly and annoying, a total pest and selfish.
HOWEVER--he is, for the most part, kind-hearted and caring and funny and lovable and handsome (despite the shaggy hairdo) and smart and fun to be around. I enjoy his company 97.9% of every day.

2. Our cats. They are adorable. I love how my sons cat always runs out to greet us, as if he hasn't seen us for ages, while mine kind of just saunters out as if she has all the time in the world to say hello. I also love how my cat becomes this super-loving, overly affectionate, cuddly as can be, perfect cat if I am alone in my bedroom WITH the door closed. And how my sons cat is the most playful thing when he wants to be, and my cat will adore any man who sits down for more than ten minutes.

3. My car. It's cute, it's fun, I love driving it.

4. My family. Obligatory mention of the family. Of COURSE I love them-I do. My mom is amazing, she's a super-woman in her own way. She does a LOT. My dad is quiet and introspective, but I've seen how he interacts with other adults and he can be quite funny.

5. My new sheets (thanks mom!). Freshly washed sheets, all crisp and "fresh" smelling, warm from the dryer, tucked in tightly....it makes me want to crawl in bed with a book just thinking about it.

6. My passport. It gives me freedom to GO. I can, and hopefully will, at some point, pack some bags and just head off to a country without taking six months to plan it, without spending a year stressing about how to pay for it, without worrying about whether or not it's the best thing. I just want to GO.

7. My gym membership. Just knowing I can go work out at any time is a joy...as much as I hate the bill for it, it's well worth it. I wish I had signed up four years ago and looked more like a body-builder.

8. My friends. I think I have a good core group of friends right now. Tito, Corey, The Mouth, Brockoli, John, Sherri, Sprocket, Alice, Jenny. (no,they are NOT listed in any particular order)

9. My headphones. They're the noise-cancelling type and when I listen to them at work, like right now, they totally block out my officemates (who can be a bit noisy). When I watch a movie on my computer, they sound like I'm in a small movie theater. I love them. They block out all the chatter on the bus too.

10. My pajama pants. They are Ralph Lauren, blue and white striped, cotton, mens pajama bottoms. I love them.



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