Verizon Sucks...

I think.
I want rollover minutes!!
I want a better discount on a new phone. I've been with them for two years, as of March 4th. The gift that Verizon is giving me for staying with them for another two years is $100.
$100??? That's all my next two-years contract is worth to them? I spend that much a month for my two cell phones and all they want to give me is $100. That's lame.

The phone I want is a combination palm pilot and phone. I need a new palm pilot anyway, so combining the two would mean I could stop carrying around an extra electronic. A new palm pilot would cost about $150-200 anyway, so getting a $300 phone/palm combo is reasonable I think.
But Verizon is very limited on the phones they have. There are two I like, but none I LOVE. If I'm going to spend $300 on something, I think I should LOVE it.

The kid wants a $200 phone, of which he has $50 to pay on it. He's never once lost his cell phone in the last two years, and his has less scratches on it than mine (I'm sure I've dropped mine much more), so he IS fairly responsible with it. Well, I suppose I shouldn't forget the time he left it in his jeans for me to wash...but it recovered surprisingly well from that incident-thanks to some good advice about letting it dry buried in a container of rice (it sucks the water out of electronics!!!). I hate the idea of spending $150 on something he's going to carry around with him all the time. It'll be a sad day when he hears that it's not going to happen.
This is what the kid wants:



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