It's spring already???

I'm not ready for that. It seems too soon.
That means that summer is right around the corner. Yuck. I'm really not ready for that.

Is it terrible that I don't want to think about summer because that means I'll have to start planning a vacation and that will take away from my time planning the perfect database??

My new Saturday routine is to get up early (well, early for a Saturday), and sneak out of the house and go work out. The gym gets really full about 8am, so I have to beat that crowd. I rushed and rushed and got out of my house at just after 8 this morning. Luckily the gym is just about a 4 minute drive from my house....I got to the gym to find that it's Spring Break-duh-and there's hardly anyone there. I love it when it's not crowded. Saturday NIGHT is the best time to go though--there are about 5 people there after 11pm. Going at that time is like having your own personal gym and you and your friends are just hanging out. The gym we go to is HUGE and with only five people, it's really a LOT of space per person.

I'm off to the bookstore today to spend some time browsing database manuals, taking notes for work. Working on the weekend? By choice? Yep...I LOVE my job.

A Database for all Needs

I can do nothing but think in database terms these days.

Last night I woke up mid-morning from a dream about XML…I wrote the perfect parent-child formula for the perfect database, hosted by the ever-so-dreamy FileMaker Pro.

And THEN…not only is that geeky enough, but THEN---Then I couldn't get back to sleep because I was thinking about how it would be cool to have a database that featured all my life's occurrences and all the people in my life.

There would be relationship links between my family members and extending out into their married family members. There would be the links to my friends from college (in one value list) to my friends in Korea (a separate value list). All the men I’ve dated would be in a value list, with relationship links in the database that link them to the original friends value list that they started in.

And then there would be the life events, like living in Illinois and then Minnesota, then Washington. Having a baby. Moving to Korea. All my different jobs would be in a value list….etc, etc….

And those of you who don’t have a love and passion for databases have probably come to the understanding that I am a ridiculous geek, but I really am not.

But think of the reports I could run!! I could have a report for each major life event that includes all the people in my life at the time, where I lived, even my favorite foods!!

I could have a report for my ex-boyfriends, and they would have their picture, what I liked/disliked about them, what dates we were together, why we broke up.

I could have a report to show where I was for each birthday.

I could have a report of who is in my family tree now and who was in it ten years ago.

I could have a report of my entire life!! Like a database scrapbook so to speak…

There was this Stephen King book that had something somewhat like this even…not a database, but inside the guys brain was a library. The library had sections that fit each time period and he could go into his brain and walk through the hallway of his brain and pull out a certain book that held a certain memory. I wish my brain was as organized as his.

I think my brain would look like a library that had been moved by a Girl Scout troop. Good intentioned, giggling gaggle of fourth-graders who just brought in boxes of books and set them down next to wherever their friends were sitting. And some of the boxes were unpacked, but some were never opened. Some were opened and picked through, as if they were looking for something, but then didn’t find it and didn’t bother to put the books back in any semblance of order.

A lot of times I find that the memory book is missing, or I will find it but it will have some pages missing. My memory is horrible. I need to start building my database now, before I lose more!

Storage Secrets

What's in your storage closet?

This is mine:

I have about 3 storage bins full of a Teddy Ruxpin collection that began when the kid was small and I haven't managed to part with yet. Yes, THREE bins full. I have a few of the main bear himself, some are just for parts. One of the bears is a demo bear that was set up in stores, complete with a large -REALLY LARGE- bolt coming from his rear to safely secure him to any surface. I have a large selection of the books and tapes, some duplicates of those as well.What is cuter than a boy sitting down with his teddy bear and having the bear acutally READ the story to him, interacting by blinking and moving his mouth and using emotion??

I have his friends-the furry things....whose names I can not remember right now.
His best friend-Grubby the Caterpillar (complete with the hard-to-find connection cable even!), with a couple different outfits for him -a raincoat for a caterpillar that comes with 8 pairs of rain boots!
Bed sheets, lunch box, etc....everything from the World of Wonders Teddy Ruxpin. The original, not the lame new version that doesn't even look like Teddy cares about the story he is reading.

I also have 2 extra-large size bins of Star Wars stuff-though I imagine the kid will take those with him at some point. Extra-large as in, you can almost fit a fridge in them. They are huge and VERY full-so don't open them unless you plan to spend some time trying to make it all fit again. It's packed in there like a Jack-in-the-Box. Toys, bedding, maybe some shirts, very large space ships and equally large woolly monsters, wall hangings, etc. It's all in there. It's ridiculous.

I have a couple bins of old board games as well. Some collector somewhere might want them, I've had them for a long time.

The Pez collection. It hasn't been added to in ages. Most are out of their packages, but none are broken. I used to have them standing inside a glass cupboard and it was quite a novelty to all my college friends, but now they're in a box somewhere, packed away and unloved.

4 Pairs of Nike soccer cleats. I tried to sell them at a garage sale one year, I tried to sell them on Craigslist for two consecutive years. No luck. I had a fifth pair, but after playing in the sheets and buckets and cats and dogs and a ludicrous storm at the end of the season one year, they were put outside that night, where I think a mangy stray cat must have sprayed them....many many washings later and the smell never left. Last years cleats just didn't make it. All efforts to revive them were made, in order to add them to the previous 4 seasons of soccer cleats, but unfortunately, they didn't pull through.

The usual holiday supplies, tons of Xmas stuff that I add to every year (who doesn't).

Leftovers from a garage sale last year that I meant to sell online and never got around to.

Tons of pots from plants that didn't make it. The kid says that our house is the place where plants go to die. I like to think that I give them a somewhat happy ending. I TRY really hard to keep them alive....some of them are just not interested in living. I can't save the lost souls.

And tons of spiders, who I let live there - we have an understanding. I leave their homes alone and they stay out of mine. They are small and harmless and I'm not afraid of creepy-crawlies. Cause I fear NOTHING (ha).

Back from Beyond

I spent the last 32 hours in my bed. At what point does atrophy set in?

I thought I had bad allergies...and then it just got worse and worse. I went through a full box of tissues at work Friday, after taking dayquil, sudafed, AND benadryl (over the course of the day). The nyquil at night didn't help either. I am going to be better for work tomorrow. I AM!!

Yesterday I got out of bed five minutes before we were supposed to be at the library to volunteer. Our library is expanding -YAY- into this huge and wonderful place that everyone will LOVE to visit. They contacted a moving company who said it would cost $24,000 to pack up the books and shelving units. They said no thank you and the library staff and their family/friends offered to help out. I just walked in and asked if they needed help, I was wondering why there were no signs up asking for volunteers, but it seemed they didn't have a huge need. We were part of a group of 16. My son and I packed up the entire reference section. He wasn't really enthused to be doing it, not in the least, but once we got in there, he actually enjoyed it. It helped that he won two prizes and they had soda and candy. I heard him on the phone later telling his friend that we helped save the library thousands of dollars by our two hour donation of time. We are good humans.

....and then it was back to bed.

I finished my book about a good Samaritan building schools in Pakistan (which I will write about later) and read an entire novel by Terry McMillan (from How Stella Got Her Groove Back fame). And I slept. And I took loads of drugs. And I think I am on my way to recovery. Because I WILL be better for work tomorrow!!

Battle of the Judges

Judge Judy made $25 million last year.

The United States Supreme Court - the one that passes down legal information that sets precedent for laws across the land, the FINAL end stage of any court, the top dog of dogs....the judges on the Supreme Court of the United States make (on average) $200,000.

$25 million for a court judge on a tv show vs $200,000 for a judge who sets legal precedent any time they use a pen?? How does that make sense?

Judge Judy, is viewed by millions each day. How many people even know when the Supreme Court is in session? (FYI: The term of the high court as set by law begins on the first Monday in October, and it lasts until the first Monday in October of the following year. In the course of a term, about 8,000 petitions are filed with the Supreme Court. From those petitions, the justices decide which cases the court will hear.)

I bet more people can identify the bailiff on Judge Judy's show than any of the seven Supreme Court Justices.

Why is there no publicity for the Supreme Court?

They ruled on about 150 amount of cases last year. Do we know of any of them? Do we talk about them amongst family and friends? Probably not, but a lot of people I know can reflect on a stupid/funny/ridiculous episode of Judge Judy.

This is not a fair representation of our legal system, yet this is what our children know of it.

Ladies and Gentleman, your esteemed Supreme Court:
John G. Roberts (Chief Justice)
John Paul Stevens
Samuel A. Alito, Jr.
Antonin Scalia
Anthony Kennedy
David Souter
Clarence Thomas
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Stephen Breyer

I think our Supreme Court should have a five minute segment on the news each week. Five minutes-to let us know what case they are hearing, what case was just settled, what is coming up, something to educate the nation. Five minutes, just ONCE a week. I seem to hear about every panda that is born at any zoo in the world, but I have no idea what was decided in the case against Philip Morris that was brought forward from an Oregon case.

Only a once a week update, because the other four weekdays, I want the news to dedicate five minutes to something else important, such as the Senate, the Congress, the President (what DOES he do all week?), and an update from the United Nations.

It's genius really. Five minutes is nothing. But how many times do people turn on the news and just have it on in the background while they get ready for work? What a perfect time to educate the American people on their country! Britney Spears got a haircut and I heard about it on every newscast for a week, but I don't have any idea on what the Supreme Court is up to.

Five minutes---we could call it Feed Your Brain in Five.

Or: Educate America Today.

Or: Five for Thought (ha-like food for thought! That's my favorite).

A short blurb is all we need. Let me give a fictitious example:
Overpaid blonde newscaster: And now it's time for a new (and genius) segment called - Educate America Today. Over to you, Jimmy.

Jimmy: Thank you, Tiffany. Todays Five for Thought is on the President. President W. Bush is still at his Texas ranch for the 23rd straight day, where he is keeping busy with his nightly poker parties and catching up on the new Xmen comics. The President is slated to return to the White House in two weeks, where he will be faced with the current issues at hand: mainly, how the good old boy network is crumbling around him. Nothing new to report from the office of the President.

That's all for tonights Educate America Today. Tomorrow we look at the United Nations and the work they are currently doing in stopping the genocide in Darfur. Tiffany?

Tiffany: Thank you Jimmy. I look forward to hearing about the genocide. And now for a look at our local weather.

And we all go to bed just a little big smarter.

Hamster Love

One time one of my students in Korea had a little brother who LOVED his hamster. They were going to an English speech competition on a Saturday morning and he didn't want to go. He wanted to continue playing with his hamster, but his parents told him he had to go (of course) and so he put his hamster in his pocket so he could play with him later.

It was a three hour drive to the competition. They stopped on the way and had lunch and cooled off in the river. The boy was splashing around in the water a bit, they had lunch and then they continued on. After the English thing they headed home. On the way home, he pulled his hamster out and found it was DEAD. He was crying and hysterical.

The parents believed that the hamster died from getting water in its ears. They told the boy that he had to be careful because small animals can not handle water in their ears because their head is too small to have a skull and so the water directly reaches the brain. My student, a 13 yr old who spoke near perfect English, told me about it the next day. She was convinced that her parents were right.

The Koreans believed that if a small animal gets water in his ears, the water has no where to go and the animal will die from water flooding its body....Interesting theory.
I laughed when I heard the story-my student was a bit unhappy about me finding the situation funny.

They also have the tale of the dreaded Fan Death. The fans all have timers on them, so that you don't forget to turn it off, thus killing all the people in the room. My director told me about it when we first got our apartment. In South Korea, if you have a fan on for too long, it will suck the oxygen out of the room and the people will just drop dead. I thought this was one of the greatest Korean stories EVER. Death by fan. Hilarious.

Interesting People Out There

I sit by a door, so people who pass down my hallway see my face and know where I am located. I hadn't really thought much about it until just now, when I got into the elevator to come back up from lunch and one of the men with a large recycling cart came in and said "and how are you today young lady?" Nothing wrong with that, but then he said "How do you like your new office?"

He knows I'm new.that was odd. But even more odd --- as I got out of the elevator, he said what sounded like "Have a good day babe."

Babe? I'm fairly certain he said that, but maybe I misheard him. Maybe he's Canadian and said "have a good day, eh?" like Canuks do.

I don't want strange older men referring to me as 'babe." Older men I'm dating, yes. Older men I talk to for the first time in the elevator and he indicates that he knows where my office is and he knows when I started working here-no thanks. That's creepy.

Another thing that is creepy: toes. Stubby useless foot fingers.

I'm reading this book about tunnel rats in the Vietnam War: Falling Through The Earth, by Danielle Trussoni. It's very interesting to think that it was someones job to go into a tiny, dirty, smelly, TUNNEL underground, wearing the same smelly, dirty army clothes they've been wearing for months at a time. Squeezing through the tunnels in the dark, not knowing if they are going to be shot at or not, or if there is a booby trap waiting for them around the next bend. The book tells the story from the daughter of a Tunnel Rat, who grew up with a father who was haunted with his memories (as most Vietnam Vets seem to be). It always disturbs me to read about the Vietnam War, more so than other wars, though I'm not sure why. It's the saddest war to me for some reason.

I finished Cross-X last week. It was very good, the kind of book I enjoy reading, the kind that makes me think I should be doing more to help others. It's about an amazing teacher who works with inner-city youth in Kansas City, Missouri, helping them rise up to their potential in a debate class. They win national competitions, the teenagers becoming sought after by different colleges for their debating skills. Kids who otherwise would live and die in the city, many of whom who would not graduate, some of whom are killed on the streets. The teacher went so far as to allow one of her best students to live with her when she was at the point where she was going to have to leave the school district because her family had no where to live. Such an AMAZING woman, she's really making a difference in the world. Jane Rinehart, a living legend!

Geek am I

The database guy I just came out of a meeting with told me that he only works part-time (.85 or so) because he has a young daughter. He was explaining, in his mysterious Soviet block accent, that he has so much fun with databases at work, but he has a small child..and so I added, "oh, and she's probably more fun for you." And he says quite strongly, No-no, she's not more fun. She's not. But she's a better investment of my time."

**did he just tell me his daughter is less fun than a database??**

hmmmm...what to say to that...

So he explained that he enjoys the database work he does, and working with the network and the server and all that, it's enjoyable and he finds it a fun way of passing time. However, in a few years, his databases and all the hard work he's put into them and all the network/server stuff will probably be obsolete. There is always bigger and better upcoming software programs and solutions. My time that I dedicate now has a short-term investment, whereas with my daughter, the investment-hopefully-will be long-term and the time I spend with her now will be more long-lasting as far as gains returned.

Well, um, I guess that makes sense...in geek logic maybe.

Database people are like that. The ones I know anyway are WAY far out there and not "normal" in some ways. I have to admit that database work DOES excite me, however, I like to think that I'm still normal in most ways. When I talk to a database fanatic, like the man today, I get excited to do more and more and I start thinking of all the things that I would like to put in a database and how so many things could be better and more efficient, etc.....but then I hang out with normal people, and I start feeling like there are so many different aspects to life and you can not just put them all in a database (though right now I am ready to try!!!).

Sing it Proud (and silent)

Oh Jakob...you make me laugh!!
I just KNOW that we could be good friends.

Here's one of my favorite lip dubbing videos:

It appears that Jakob and his friends are quite entrepreneural. They started three websites, one of which can rival with YouTube as far as video sharing.

I have bribed my son to make a video like this with me. Stay tuned...

My Stats for the Day

What I ate:
Peanut butter granola bar
Peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Vanilla granola snack bars (90 calories)
Blackberry yogurt (98% fat free)
Healthy Choice dinner
1 brownie -not low fat, just YUMMY!!!

About 18 ounces of water

What I wore:
Green cable-knit sweater
Blue fuzzy fleece dept vest
Black sketchers

Who I talked to:
the kid
Boy in my office
Supervisor for training
My friend Corey
Admin asst girl in other office
Four random faculty who introduced themselves
the kid
Woman on the bus
My friend Tito
My friend Corey

What I read today:
Cross-X a story about an inner-city school's debate team. Very good. Slightly sad.

What I listened to today:
Local radio dj host, who made his guinea pig co-host stick five one-dollar bills in his mouth after hearing that one in five dollar bills in America have traces of cocaine. It didn't make him high, but it made him gag as the other four hosts (YES, there is SIX people on the morning show) talked about all the nasty places those dollar bills have probably been. The guinea pig is infamous for puking just by hearing certain scenarios (or being forced to eat tomatoes).
The beeping of the door down the hall and the elevator at the other end.
Swedish!! One of the docs in my section is a man from Sweden who was talking to a doc with the same first name as him, also from Sweden.
Lots and lots of people passing by the office--it's apparently a busy hallway.

What I want today:
A massage. A nice long upper body massage.
3 extra hours in the day
World peace
Acceptance of homosexuals and Muslims in mainstream society

Happy Days

I love this picture. It gives me a peaceful feeling. I used to live just down the road from this park. My son and I would come here about every two weeks and play in the sand, feed the ducks bread crumbs and roll down the big grassy hill.

We brought his dad with us a couple times.
He is MIA now. It's too bad, he's really missing out.

My friends and I would go to my house after the bar closed (just after I turned 21) and then walk the half mile to this park at 2:30am in the morning. We'd go lay down on the dock and talk until the sun started coming up.

I have nothing like this lake anymore. I need to find a new spot that is somewhat as peaceful.

What to do....

When you want a dog, but you have a cat?

Be creative.

We had a dalmation for a few days.

**No animals were harmed in the making of our dalmation-cat.

Toilet Talk

My new office building has the automatic flushing toilets. What a novel idea this is. Props to the genius who invented this, cause it saves some of us from having to do the flamingo stance and use the bottom of our already-dirty shoe to push the has-it-ever-once-been-washed toilet flusher.

However, it seems like the first time I use the bathroom each morning at work, the auto-flusher startles me. I think it should beep once or something to remind me it's going to take action.

One time while shopping in Seoul with our friends from New Zealand (a mother and her 10 yr old daughter) we were rambling around a shopping area to get "traditional" Korean gifts for our family back home. My camera was having issues and was randomly eating batteries like candy and we headed off to a 7-11. How strange does that sound....we were with some New Zealanders in the capital of Korea at a 7-11. We are SO international.

Anyway, one of the group wanted to use the bathroom at 7-11 and they wouldn't let us and indicated we needed to go down a block to the public toilet...where we found this:

We had a great laugh over it all. You pay an undisclosed amount (okay, I've forgotten how much) -maybe 500 won, which is like 50 cents in US dollars. The door opens, you enter, the door closes. It warns you when it's about to open and you have the option to insert more coins or you get caught in a "situation." We simulated what might happen:

I would have preferred to have the auto toilet at ALL locations in Korea, as opposed to the old style of toilets-the hole in the ground kind. They are a good test of your sense of balance and strength in leg muscles. They also do not provide toilet paper. You can buy it almost anywhere-it comes in a pack like we would buy travel Kleenex.

I had read about the toilets before moving to Korea, so it wasn't a big shock, and I think overall it was good for my leg muscles. I also learned to pee FAST, as most of the times, there were no doors on the bathroom stalls and most often, the bathrooms smelled horrible.

Americans are so spoiled with our automatic flushing toilets.

The Easter Bunny is Coming...

It looks like we are again going to be hosting Easter dinner for the families at the Ronald McDonald House. last year was our first year doing so and we had a great time.
It was the kid and I, along with about 13 volunteers from the community, a combination of people from Hands on Greater Portland and from Meet in Portland. We all brought food, a turkey had been donated, and we cooked the majority of the food there and then ate it together and toured the facility.

The Ronald McDonald House provides emotional and physical support to all who live within its walls, creating an oasis of normalcy when families find themselves in an extraordinary circumstance. The house we are helping recently expanded to 24 rooms, including one suite. The rooms are AMAZING!
They all have themes, such as the outdoor getaway theme-when you walked in, it really felt as if you might be at a lake house cabin. There was a sports themed room. A nursery rhyme room, with beautiful paintings of common nursery rhymes, etc. It's just an awesome place for the families to stay.

Most often the children being treated at Emanuel are inpatient their entire stay - they have a lot of preemies, trauma patients, and heart patients. The house is for families of these children, along with the occasional sibling. With the nature of their diagnoses, families have a hard time planning activities - they never know when it's going to be a good day or an all day at the hospital day. Our dinner was planned to feed the nine families staying at the house, including two siblings of children. We actually only saw one family, and it was just before we left for the day, but we left a GREAT meal for the families to have when they returned from the hospital.

The kid and I and another teen and her mom painted eggs and left those for the children. Painting eggs is fun for us crafty type - we gave each other pointers and advice on how to make the best designs. It was a good day-a long one, but a good one. We left with full bellies and full hearts (awww).

I always give a little speech before the volunteer event begins, telling my volunteer group about Hands on Greater Portland and who/what we are, and then a little spiel about me and why I volunteer and how to become a project leader and then I tell about the project and why what we are doing is important and end with a big THANK YOU to all the volunteers for giving up their time to help others and how they really are making a difference in someone else's life and how, even though they might not see direct results by the project, the work they are doing is appreciated. It's about a five-ten minute spiel depending on the project and depending on whether I remember everything. Sometimes the Love Letters intro is about four minutes, one time it was 15 (I have NO idea what I talked about for that long!). It sometimes feels as if I'm talking FOREVER - but those who know me know that I spew out about 1423 words a minute, so if I spoke at a normal clip, it would probably take much longer. Maybe the 15 minute speech was on a day when I spoke quite slowly, aka like "normal" humans.

Anyway, I'm excited to have something fun and fulfilling to do on Easter, a holiday we don't actually celebrate.


There is a secure door at the end of the hall that beeps when it is open. It is opened on average about every seven minutes and beeps approximately 5 times, a very high pitched beep that makes you wonder if you have tinnitus. Yesterday was my first day and every time the beeping happened, I would stop and try to figure out if it was a computer, the heater, something outside, or something in someones office nearby and then look around and see if anyone else is noticing it.

Thanks to the discovery that there is cherry coke WITH crushed ice AND the best juice in the world (and one of the only juices I actually like) actually in the same building and just a 3 minute walk from my desk--I have been out of my chair to use the bathroom about seven times this afternoon. And hence, the mystery was solved. EVERY time the door opens, the beeping occurs. If people could be quicker about getting in and out of it, I think they could get it down to three beeps. It doesn't seem like they are trying very hard though.

I miss my music during the day! I used to only listen to my morning talk show on the radio (via streaming online capability), but once I realized that my former officemate talking to herself was going to be an every day/all day occurrence, I started listening to either movies or the radio or my own music. And ohmygoddness, do I miss it.

I'm still unsure about the guy I share an office with...he's very quiet. He seems to work ALL the time, which is a big difference from 925 of the people in my last department.

I'm still having a dilemma about whether or not I should get a cheap phone and a nice palm pilot or a combo phone/palm pilot. I also want an MP3 player, but I think that will have to wait.

New Job, New Experiences

The new job seems to be going well. I survived the first day without feeling like I needed to step away and cry, wondering why I gave up my cushy job where I could watch a movie (albeit spread out across a three or four hour period), I could blog or read blogs at random times, take personal calls and have my personal email open all day long.
Today I was on the internet less than ten minutes total!! Withdrawal symptoms are imminent....

My new role looks to be fairly interesting. I am no longer an assistant (in most ways). I'm a Data Analyst. I apparently am going to gather data and analyze it. I will be working with a couple of women as their "project assistant" of sorts, but not as their "assistant." It seems as if I am finally moving into a spot that I should have been at a few years ago. I hate to think that Korea set me back any in my career, but it possibly did. I had a better job pre-Korea...though the agency I worked for ended up closing within a year after I moved (I HAVE to assume that I was the glue that held it all together!) and I would have been out of that job at that point anyway. And the experience of living in Korea was totally worth a small setback anyway, as it moved me forward in many ways.

My most memorable experience from my first day has to be lunch. We have a small private fridge in my supervisors office where I put my lunch.. My supervisor had a meeting from 11:00am - noon.. I had planned to have lunch at 12:15...but then her 11:00 meeting came at 11:45 and she took him in her office and closed the door. First day....boss in a meeting with a "Suit" from out of town....sandwich trapped in her office...what to do?? So I waited. And waited. And then I had to go to my 1:00 meeting -NO lunch.

Finally, lunch begins at 2:00pm. I grab my food and go to the break room a few doors down. It's a shared break room with other people from the hospital, so even at two in the afternoon, there was about six people in there. I sat at a table with my book, unwrapped my Subway sandwich, and started to enjoy my thirty-minute lunchtime. A few people came in and sat on the edge of the room, facing my direction, but I thought nothing of it, as the tv in the room was behind my shoulder. Then a few more people came in, and they also sat on the other side of the room, somewhat facing me. Strange, I thought...

And then I hear yet MORE people come in behind me and someone wheels in some piece of surgical equipment and starts giving a presentation on the proper cleaning of it. A presentation to the circle of internists who are in a semi-circle around the room...somewhat facing me!! I turned and looked at the man with the equipment and he must have seen my confusion (and obviously noticed I was the only one not wearing scrubs!), so he said "you're fine" and indicated I didn't need to move. It was REALLY quiet in there, the man presenting was very soft-spoken and I knew my half-eaten sandwich would be too noisy to re-wrap to move out of the room at that time....very awkward. So I endured the lunch, trying to read my book while half of the room had to look directly around me in order to watch the presentation...I thought I would really miss having a 60-90 minute lunch break, but today, I was happy to take a 30 minute one!

Perhaps this new job is my new diet plan. I don't get to eat at my desk, I eat lunch really late and when I do eat, it's in front of an audience, with the background noise of hearing how to sterilize a piece of equipment after retracting it from the patients throat...can't wait to see what I learn tomorrow over lunch!

Celebration Day!!

I am FREE!!!!!!!!
One half hour left and I will no longer work here.

Goodbye cramped and tiny desk!
Goodbye LONG lunch "hours"!
Goodbye lying and fake manager!
Goodbye back-stabbing coworker!
Goodbye free lunches!
Goodbye freedom to blog and browse and chat online!

I am moving on and up.

No time to write...


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