Back from Beyond

I spent the last 32 hours in my bed. At what point does atrophy set in?

I thought I had bad allergies...and then it just got worse and worse. I went through a full box of tissues at work Friday, after taking dayquil, sudafed, AND benadryl (over the course of the day). The nyquil at night didn't help either. I am going to be better for work tomorrow. I AM!!

Yesterday I got out of bed five minutes before we were supposed to be at the library to volunteer. Our library is expanding -YAY- into this huge and wonderful place that everyone will LOVE to visit. They contacted a moving company who said it would cost $24,000 to pack up the books and shelving units. They said no thank you and the library staff and their family/friends offered to help out. I just walked in and asked if they needed help, I was wondering why there were no signs up asking for volunteers, but it seemed they didn't have a huge need. We were part of a group of 16. My son and I packed up the entire reference section. He wasn't really enthused to be doing it, not in the least, but once we got in there, he actually enjoyed it. It helped that he won two prizes and they had soda and candy. I heard him on the phone later telling his friend that we helped save the library thousands of dollars by our two hour donation of time. We are good humans.

....and then it was back to bed.

I finished my book about a good Samaritan building schools in Pakistan (which I will write about later) and read an entire novel by Terry McMillan (from How Stella Got Her Groove Back fame). And I slept. And I took loads of drugs. And I think I am on my way to recovery. Because I WILL be better for work tomorrow!!



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