There is a secure door at the end of the hall that beeps when it is open. It is opened on average about every seven minutes and beeps approximately 5 times, a very high pitched beep that makes you wonder if you have tinnitus. Yesterday was my first day and every time the beeping happened, I would stop and try to figure out if it was a computer, the heater, something outside, or something in someones office nearby and then look around and see if anyone else is noticing it.

Thanks to the discovery that there is cherry coke WITH crushed ice AND the best juice in the world (and one of the only juices I actually like) actually in the same building and just a 3 minute walk from my desk--I have been out of my chair to use the bathroom about seven times this afternoon. And hence, the mystery was solved. EVERY time the door opens, the beeping occurs. If people could be quicker about getting in and out of it, I think they could get it down to three beeps. It doesn't seem like they are trying very hard though.

I miss my music during the day! I used to only listen to my morning talk show on the radio (via streaming online capability), but once I realized that my former officemate talking to herself was going to be an every day/all day occurrence, I started listening to either movies or the radio or my own music. And ohmygoddness, do I miss it.

I'm still unsure about the guy I share an office with...he's very quiet. He seems to work ALL the time, which is a big difference from 925 of the people in my last department.

I'm still having a dilemma about whether or not I should get a cheap phone and a nice palm pilot or a combo phone/palm pilot. I also want an MP3 player, but I think that will have to wait.



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