A Database for all Needs

I can do nothing but think in database terms these days.

Last night I woke up mid-morning from a dream about XML…I wrote the perfect parent-child formula for the perfect database, hosted by the ever-so-dreamy FileMaker Pro.

And THEN…not only is that geeky enough, but THEN---Then I couldn't get back to sleep because I was thinking about how it would be cool to have a database that featured all my life's occurrences and all the people in my life.

There would be relationship links between my family members and extending out into their married family members. There would be the links to my friends from college (in one value list) to my friends in Korea (a separate value list). All the men I’ve dated would be in a value list, with relationship links in the database that link them to the original friends value list that they started in.

And then there would be the life events, like living in Illinois and then Minnesota, then Washington. Having a baby. Moving to Korea. All my different jobs would be in a value list….etc, etc….

And those of you who don’t have a love and passion for databases have probably come to the understanding that I am a ridiculous geek, but I really am not.

But think of the reports I could run!! I could have a report for each major life event that includes all the people in my life at the time, where I lived, even my favorite foods!!

I could have a report for my ex-boyfriends, and they would have their picture, what I liked/disliked about them, what dates we were together, why we broke up.

I could have a report to show where I was for each birthday.

I could have a report of who is in my family tree now and who was in it ten years ago.

I could have a report of my entire life!! Like a database scrapbook so to speak…

There was this Stephen King book that had something somewhat like this even…not a database, but inside the guys brain was a library. The library had sections that fit each time period and he could go into his brain and walk through the hallway of his brain and pull out a certain book that held a certain memory. I wish my brain was as organized as his.

I think my brain would look like a library that had been moved by a Girl Scout troop. Good intentioned, giggling gaggle of fourth-graders who just brought in boxes of books and set them down next to wherever their friends were sitting. And some of the boxes were unpacked, but some were never opened. Some were opened and picked through, as if they were looking for something, but then didn’t find it and didn’t bother to put the books back in any semblance of order.

A lot of times I find that the memory book is missing, or I will find it but it will have some pages missing. My memory is horrible. I need to start building my database now, before I lose more!



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