Geek am I

The database guy I just came out of a meeting with told me that he only works part-time (.85 or so) because he has a young daughter. He was explaining, in his mysterious Soviet block accent, that he has so much fun with databases at work, but he has a small child..and so I added, "oh, and she's probably more fun for you." And he says quite strongly, No-no, she's not more fun. She's not. But she's a better investment of my time."

**did he just tell me his daughter is less fun than a database??**

hmmmm...what to say to that...

So he explained that he enjoys the database work he does, and working with the network and the server and all that, it's enjoyable and he finds it a fun way of passing time. However, in a few years, his databases and all the hard work he's put into them and all the network/server stuff will probably be obsolete. There is always bigger and better upcoming software programs and solutions. My time that I dedicate now has a short-term investment, whereas with my daughter, the investment-hopefully-will be long-term and the time I spend with her now will be more long-lasting as far as gains returned.

Well, um, I guess that makes geek logic maybe.

Database people are like that. The ones I know anyway are WAY far out there and not "normal" in some ways. I have to admit that database work DOES excite me, however, I like to think that I'm still normal in most ways. When I talk to a database fanatic, like the man today, I get excited to do more and more and I start thinking of all the things that I would like to put in a database and how so many things could be better and more efficient, etc.....but then I hang out with normal people, and I start feeling like there are so many different aspects to life and you can not just put them all in a database (though right now I am ready to try!!!).


  1. Serenityville said...:

    Ah, those soviet blockers. I totally LOL'd that he took the comment seriously enough to answer like that, and how great that he meant it. Glad to see he considers her a worthy investment.


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