Interesting People Out There

I sit by a door, so people who pass down my hallway see my face and know where I am located. I hadn't really thought much about it until just now, when I got into the elevator to come back up from lunch and one of the men with a large recycling cart came in and said "and how are you today young lady?" Nothing wrong with that, but then he said "How do you like your new office?"

He knows I'm new.that was odd. But even more odd --- as I got out of the elevator, he said what sounded like "Have a good day babe."

Babe? I'm fairly certain he said that, but maybe I misheard him. Maybe he's Canadian and said "have a good day, eh?" like Canuks do.

I don't want strange older men referring to me as 'babe." Older men I'm dating, yes. Older men I talk to for the first time in the elevator and he indicates that he knows where my office is and he knows when I started working here-no thanks. That's creepy.

Another thing that is creepy: toes. Stubby useless foot fingers.

I'm reading this book about tunnel rats in the Vietnam War: Falling Through The Earth, by Danielle Trussoni. It's very interesting to think that it was someones job to go into a tiny, dirty, smelly, TUNNEL underground, wearing the same smelly, dirty army clothes they've been wearing for months at a time. Squeezing through the tunnels in the dark, not knowing if they are going to be shot at or not, or if there is a booby trap waiting for them around the next bend. The book tells the story from the daughter of a Tunnel Rat, who grew up with a father who was haunted with his memories (as most Vietnam Vets seem to be). It always disturbs me to read about the Vietnam War, more so than other wars, though I'm not sure why. It's the saddest war to me for some reason.

I finished Cross-X last week. It was very good, the kind of book I enjoy reading, the kind that makes me think I should be doing more to help others. It's about an amazing teacher who works with inner-city youth in Kansas City, Missouri, helping them rise up to their potential in a debate class. They win national competitions, the teenagers becoming sought after by different colleges for their debating skills. Kids who otherwise would live and die in the city, many of whom who would not graduate, some of whom are killed on the streets. The teacher went so far as to allow one of her best students to live with her when she was at the point where she was going to have to leave the school district because her family had no where to live. Such an AMAZING woman, she's really making a difference in the world. Jane Rinehart, a living legend!



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