My Stats for the Day

What I ate:
Peanut butter granola bar
Peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Vanilla granola snack bars (90 calories)
Blackberry yogurt (98% fat free)
Healthy Choice dinner
1 brownie -not low fat, just YUMMY!!!

About 18 ounces of water

What I wore:
Green cable-knit sweater
Blue fuzzy fleece dept vest
Black sketchers

Who I talked to:
the kid
Boy in my office
Supervisor for training
My friend Corey
Admin asst girl in other office
Four random faculty who introduced themselves
the kid
Woman on the bus
My friend Tito
My friend Corey

What I read today:
Cross-X a story about an inner-city school's debate team. Very good. Slightly sad.

What I listened to today:
Local radio dj host, who made his guinea pig co-host stick five one-dollar bills in his mouth after hearing that one in five dollar bills in America have traces of cocaine. It didn't make him high, but it made him gag as the other four hosts (YES, there is SIX people on the morning show) talked about all the nasty places those dollar bills have probably been. The guinea pig is infamous for puking just by hearing certain scenarios (or being forced to eat tomatoes).
The beeping of the door down the hall and the elevator at the other end.
Swedish!! One of the docs in my section is a man from Sweden who was talking to a doc with the same first name as him, also from Sweden.
Lots and lots of people passing by the office--it's apparently a busy hallway.

What I want today:
A massage. A nice long upper body massage.
3 extra hours in the day
World peace
Acceptance of homosexuals and Muslims in mainstream society



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