New Job, New Experiences

The new job seems to be going well. I survived the first day without feeling like I needed to step away and cry, wondering why I gave up my cushy job where I could watch a movie (albeit spread out across a three or four hour period), I could blog or read blogs at random times, take personal calls and have my personal email open all day long.
Today I was on the internet less than ten minutes total!! Withdrawal symptoms are imminent....

My new role looks to be fairly interesting. I am no longer an assistant (in most ways). I'm a Data Analyst. I apparently am going to gather data and analyze it. I will be working with a couple of women as their "project assistant" of sorts, but not as their "assistant." It seems as if I am finally moving into a spot that I should have been at a few years ago. I hate to think that Korea set me back any in my career, but it possibly did. I had a better job pre-Korea...though the agency I worked for ended up closing within a year after I moved (I HAVE to assume that I was the glue that held it all together!) and I would have been out of that job at that point anyway. And the experience of living in Korea was totally worth a small setback anyway, as it moved me forward in many ways.

My most memorable experience from my first day has to be lunch. We have a small private fridge in my supervisors office where I put my lunch.. My supervisor had a meeting from 11:00am - noon.. I had planned to have lunch at 12:15...but then her 11:00 meeting came at 11:45 and she took him in her office and closed the door. First day....boss in a meeting with a "Suit" from out of town....sandwich trapped in her office...what to do?? So I waited. And waited. And then I had to go to my 1:00 meeting -NO lunch.

Finally, lunch begins at 2:00pm. I grab my food and go to the break room a few doors down. It's a shared break room with other people from the hospital, so even at two in the afternoon, there was about six people in there. I sat at a table with my book, unwrapped my Subway sandwich, and started to enjoy my thirty-minute lunchtime. A few people came in and sat on the edge of the room, facing my direction, but I thought nothing of it, as the tv in the room was behind my shoulder. Then a few more people came in, and they also sat on the other side of the room, somewhat facing me. Strange, I thought...

And then I hear yet MORE people come in behind me and someone wheels in some piece of surgical equipment and starts giving a presentation on the proper cleaning of it. A presentation to the circle of internists who are in a semi-circle around the room...somewhat facing me!! I turned and looked at the man with the equipment and he must have seen my confusion (and obviously noticed I was the only one not wearing scrubs!), so he said "you're fine" and indicated I didn't need to move. It was REALLY quiet in there, the man presenting was very soft-spoken and I knew my half-eaten sandwich would be too noisy to re-wrap to move out of the room at that time....very awkward. So I endured the lunch, trying to read my book while half of the room had to look directly around me in order to watch the presentation...I thought I would really miss having a 60-90 minute lunch break, but today, I was happy to take a 30 minute one!

Perhaps this new job is my new diet plan. I don't get to eat at my desk, I eat lunch really late and when I do eat, it's in front of an audience, with the background noise of hearing how to sterilize a piece of equipment after retracting it from the patients throat...can't wait to see what I learn tomorrow over lunch!



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