It's spring already???

I'm not ready for that. It seems too soon.
That means that summer is right around the corner. Yuck. I'm really not ready for that.

Is it terrible that I don't want to think about summer because that means I'll have to start planning a vacation and that will take away from my time planning the perfect database??

My new Saturday routine is to get up early (well, early for a Saturday), and sneak out of the house and go work out. The gym gets really full about 8am, so I have to beat that crowd. I rushed and rushed and got out of my house at just after 8 this morning. Luckily the gym is just about a 4 minute drive from my house....I got to the gym to find that it's Spring Break-duh-and there's hardly anyone there. I love it when it's not crowded. Saturday NIGHT is the best time to go though--there are about 5 people there after 11pm. Going at that time is like having your own personal gym and you and your friends are just hanging out. The gym we go to is HUGE and with only five people, it's really a LOT of space per person.

I'm off to the bookstore today to spend some time browsing database manuals, taking notes for work. Working on the weekend? By choice? Yep...I LOVE my job.



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