Storage Secrets

What's in your storage closet?

This is mine:

I have about 3 storage bins full of a Teddy Ruxpin collection that began when the kid was small and I haven't managed to part with yet. Yes, THREE bins full. I have a few of the main bear himself, some are just for parts. One of the bears is a demo bear that was set up in stores, complete with a large -REALLY LARGE- bolt coming from his rear to safely secure him to any surface. I have a large selection of the books and tapes, some duplicates of those as well.What is cuter than a boy sitting down with his teddy bear and having the bear acutally READ the story to him, interacting by blinking and moving his mouth and using emotion??

I have his friends-the furry things....whose names I can not remember right now.
His best friend-Grubby the Caterpillar (complete with the hard-to-find connection cable even!), with a couple different outfits for him -a raincoat for a caterpillar that comes with 8 pairs of rain boots!
Bed sheets, lunch box, etc....everything from the World of Wonders Teddy Ruxpin. The original, not the lame new version that doesn't even look like Teddy cares about the story he is reading.

I also have 2 extra-large size bins of Star Wars stuff-though I imagine the kid will take those with him at some point. Extra-large as in, you can almost fit a fridge in them. They are huge and VERY full-so don't open them unless you plan to spend some time trying to make it all fit again. It's packed in there like a Jack-in-the-Box. Toys, bedding, maybe some shirts, very large space ships and equally large woolly monsters, wall hangings, etc. It's all in there. It's ridiculous.

I have a couple bins of old board games as well. Some collector somewhere might want them, I've had them for a long time.

The Pez collection. It hasn't been added to in ages. Most are out of their packages, but none are broken. I used to have them standing inside a glass cupboard and it was quite a novelty to all my college friends, but now they're in a box somewhere, packed away and unloved.

4 Pairs of Nike soccer cleats. I tried to sell them at a garage sale one year, I tried to sell them on Craigslist for two consecutive years. No luck. I had a fifth pair, but after playing in the sheets and buckets and cats and dogs and a ludicrous storm at the end of the season one year, they were put outside that night, where I think a mangy stray cat must have sprayed them....many many washings later and the smell never left. Last years cleats just didn't make it. All efforts to revive them were made, in order to add them to the previous 4 seasons of soccer cleats, but unfortunately, they didn't pull through.

The usual holiday supplies, tons of Xmas stuff that I add to every year (who doesn't).

Leftovers from a garage sale last year that I meant to sell online and never got around to.

Tons of pots from plants that didn't make it. The kid says that our house is the place where plants go to die. I like to think that I give them a somewhat happy ending. I TRY really hard to keep them alive....some of them are just not interested in living. I can't save the lost souls.

And tons of spiders, who I let live there - we have an understanding. I leave their homes alone and they stay out of mine. They are small and harmless and I'm not afraid of creepy-crawlies. Cause I fear NOTHING (ha).



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