Color Me Blue

Easter was fun-more so than last years event I think.

The Ronald McDonald House of East Portland at Emmanuel Hospital is just an amazing place. The tour guide gave us a great overview of what they do. She had some great stories about families who have stayed there. One was about a family who was referred to them after their child was life-flighted in from Alaska. She only had one room available so they got the Hawaiin themed room. They came into the room with her and both had tears in their eyes as she showed them around. She thought there might be something wrong with the room and was worried that it would cause them more emotional the end of the tour, she apologized and said it was the only room they had and they said it was Perfect! They used to live in Hawaii, had just moved to Alaska and with the emergency with their child-the room felt like they were coming home.

She told us about the mom whose child was life-flighted in from southern Oregon and arrived just appearing "lost" to the world and she showed up in bare feet with nothing but her wallet and keys. The helicopter came for her child after an emergency at their house and she rushed off with the child, without even grabbing shoes. Nike donates shoes for such things though...yay large corporation donations.
We met a few families. One was a dad and his 11 month old, Isabella. She was a perfect little girl. I held her for a bit while her dad was loading their car (the mom was at the hospital with their 1.5 month old who had just had heart surgery...a preemie who only weighed just under five pounds). He talked to us about the surgery and how Isabella being at the house with them was the only thing really carrying them through this hard time.

And then there was a special lady from the North Pole, Alaska. It was her third stay at the Ronald McDonald House. She had a sick little girl-I didn't actually hear much about her daughter. The woman approached me several times to tell me how great my Kid is and how I should cherish every moment with him and how she loves his personality and he's so fun, etc. She eventually told us that she had a son who would have been the same age, but he died last year playing the choking game. She told us how he was so similar to the Kid that she just loved being around him-it felt just like being around her own again. And then she mentions her sons name....and it's the same as mine. Creepy....same ages, same personalities...same name? Odd coincidence. Great lady. Sad story.

It was quite a relaxing day overall. There is something about working together with a group of strangers to help another group of strangers that makes you feel good inside.

My volunteer group:

We had plenty of eggs to color:

Voted most original egg:

Which was made in a non-traditional coloring eggs fashion:

The Kid's prize winning cake:

Working hard (and some of us worked hard at decorating each other!)



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