Conference Planning Fun

I'm planning a semi-small conference type activity at the end of summer for about 75 people. According to all event-planning guidelines, I'm approximately 6 months behind in schedule.

Today I brought up my concern of having to complete my regular job in addition to planning this conference and how I expected I would have a number of overtime hours, especially the few weeks leading up to it, as well as the day of the event. She said, did someone tell you that you're expected to be there the day of the conference??

Say what?

I'm the main person planning the conference. I'm the contact person for EVERYTHING. How would she figure it would work out that the event planner would not be present at the event to see that it runs smoothly, and to greet the vendors who I recruited and convinced to pay a good chunk of money in order to be there, and to welcome the guests, and to BE THERE!!! Why would I not be there??

She actually suggested that a faculty member could be there to make sure everything runs smoothly, so I wouldn't have to be...and what is Ms. Faculty going to do when Vendor #5 shows up and says he paid for the larger table, though my documentation says otherwise? Will she know the exact conversation I had with him? Will she know who is going to be difficult to work with and who has plenty of experience and can do their own thing? What is she going to do if there's a question on ANYTHING that I've planned?

And what are people going to think when they get there and Super-Planner Kaylen is not there? That seems odd. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think that the event planner is the main contact person from the very beginning to the end of the event, all the way through to the bitter end.

A nice thing in my event-planning day today: The fancy-schmancy hotel downtown offered me a free room if I refer people to them for the event. I'm down with staying in fancy hotels for free. And if they tell me I won't be needed the day of the event, well, party in room 202!! Rock on Ms. Faculty. Enjoy your 5am wake-up call. Me and all my friends will just be getting to sleep at that time in our luxurious free hotel room. Enjoy your day of confusion and feelings of not belonging.



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