Happy Saturday!

Our local library reopens today! It's going to be in a temporary location for the next 16 months while they rebuild ours to be this bigger and better and amazing place. The old library is fairly small and unwelcoming. The designs for the new one look amazing.

I didn't plan very well for the big move. The library has been closed for two weeks now. I KNEW it was going to be closed---we volunteered to help pack it up! But I am so busy at work these days, I come home and barely think straight. I am just realizing all the personal stuff I used to do during work hours at my old job. So I ran out of books from the library about 10 days ago. And for the first time in the last year or so-had to actually buy one! Two actually....just stupid novels, but quick and easy reads.

I am going through the book I need to return to the library today (Three Cups of Tea) and reviewing all the pages I folded over. I found so many things I wanted to remember while reading it...some are arabic words that I wanted to remember, like "As-Salaam Alaaikum", some are people I wanted to look up-like Galen Rowell. I marked a page with the title of a book I want to read: Where the Indus is Young, a book about an Irish nurse who crossed the Himalayan mountains in the winter, on horseback, with her five-year old daughter.
There's a quote from a king of Bhutan: "The true measure of a nation's success is not gross national product, but gross national happiness." I like that....I'll think more on it later.
More arabic: Kafir, which is the ugliest term used to describe an infidel. It's always good to learn insults in other languages, right? Not so much because I want to use them, but more so I know if someone is insulting me!

I marked a page that talked about American hostages in Teherean back in 1979. I've never heard of it, though I was only 5 at the time, so why would I remember that?

There's a school in Pakistan called the Darul Uloom Haqqania that is nicknamed the "university of Jihad" that I want to read more about....sounds like a bad place.

And there are a few pages that are marked that I have no reason why they are marked. I don't usually dog-ear pages as a bookmark. I am more apt to grab a piece of paper and throw it in the book, which is probably how I lose some important pieces of paper, or why they come to be in places they wouldn't normally be.

Anyway, Three Cups of Tea----GREAT book. Very inspirational, it shows very clearly how just ONE person can make a HUGE difference in the world. It should be a required book for all high-schoolers.

I have to go finish planning the big Easter project tomorrow.



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