Introductions Needed...

THIS is the new addition to my life.
Everyone, please give a warm welcome to....

My New Phone!!

Not the latest model, but my Treo 650 (as of yet unnamed) is beautiful.

I needed to upgrade my palm pilot, which I use on a daily basis, and my phone-which was at the end of its days (after 25 good months with me).

The Treo 650 combines both the palm and the phone and saves me from carrying around two electronic pieces. It's very fun. I love it.

I have a few issues with it, but nothing that I won't get used to. I don't fully know how to use all the features yet, but I have figured out the main things, like text messaging and how to operate the camera functions. I now can carry around video of my cat!!
...I had planned to insert the video of Ginger but I'm not quite ready to figure out how to do that. Maybe next weekend. I'm trying to convince the kid to do a little lip-syncing video but he's not really interested in being part of it.

If I still had a slacker job, I could read up about video embedding and transferring files from the Treo to my computer while at work. Fortunately these days I have a job that needs me to work every minute of the day and I can't possibly take seven and a half minutes to look up something online because the entire building would crumble at my feet if I didn't stay on top of things.

Okay, maybe not crumble, but I would have people asking me if things are done yet.

Off to bed-another busy day tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    get yourself a memory stick and transfer your files, and videos to it then to your computer....


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