Messy People

Yes, I'm messy. It's not a big secret that I would rather not stress out about cleaning up every day and just enjoy hanging out and being fancy-free, much to the chagrin of my family. I have gotten much much much better as I've aged, but still-I'm no neat freak. I never leave dirty dishes out overnight, the living room floor is always clear before I go to sleep, my bed is always made. I vacuum two or three times a week, I wash my floors (or have someone else do it!) as much as it seems like it's needed.

I noticed that I became MUCH more aware of being clean when I shared an office with a woman who was WAY beyond messy. I tried to hint around about it, I tried to be subtle, I tried to be direct, I talked to others....nothing worked. She just didn't see a problem with the way things were.

This is how it was on a normal day:

She collected cans for recycling for her boy scout troop. They typically were in our office for about a week. This is the view from my desk. The door to our office is just off to the right. Yep-that's mold on the wall. I complained for five months before they did something about it. It had been there for two years before I got there. All the folders and papers on the small desk are overflow from her desk. This is a NORMAL day. Seriously.

I felt like Martha Stewart while sharing an office with her. It was a good experience to see things in a different life. I'm sure many people might see my house that way now....though it is fairly clean to me. Freshly vacuumed, the kid just dusted, not a lot of piles of papers laying around (something I'm known to have tons of...). I'm okay with my home today. It could be cleaner. But then I would have had to given up the hour I spent hanging out with the kid, the hour we spent at the gym and the 30 minutes I spent blogging, the hour I spent answering emails about my volunteer projects, etc. My life is good, my life is busy. My house is clean enough for me to continue on with a smile on my face.



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