More Office Situations case it wasn't clear--that is NOT my desk in the pics. I took those pics while sitting at my desk. That was a typical day at my co-workers desk. Papers and files everywhere.
It's an office that gets a lot of traffic too, students, doctors, men in suits, the media a couple times.

My new desk is pretty nice. It's new and clean and organized and I love it.

I'm in a new building and it is very well taken care of. In my last job, we had to take care of our own trash and recycling. There was no cleaning service except for the bathrooms. Now there is someone who dusts, empties the bins, vacuums, etc. There's even this Stromboli like thing that comes through every other week and buffs the floors in the hallway. It's quite a nice change.

And today I got my database on the server for the first time. It's lovely. I don't want to slip into geekdom, but it's awesome. I can make a change online and it's instantly on my computer. If someone adds a record, which hopefully will be happening soon, it's imported immediately and I can run reports on the data very easily. I love it I love it I love it. Filemaker Pro is my best friend. And I don't care who knows it. Where do I buy the "I heart Filemaker" t-shirt?



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