Praise God

I miss the relationship I used to have with one of my sisters. For about 9 months or so, we would talk online every day. I felt like we were really close. Unfortunately, we apparently live in two different worlds and can not sustain that closeness. It's sad. I'm happy for her that she has something she believes in so strongly and which makes her happy...I'm sad that her world does not include me. She is very deep within a religion, one that I do not subscribe to or have an interest in, and it seems as if the gap between our worlds is too large at the moment to be close. We used to have some really fun conversations too....

One time we played this "game" we made up where you say something about you or your life and reveal something they didn't know before. Every line started out with "Did you know...."
It was all top secret, so I can't give real-life examples, but here's a version that might have been an occurrence between my two cats:

Boy cat: Did you know that yesterday I cried for 30 minutes at the Kids door and he threw two pillows at me, but I kept on crying?
Girl cat: Did you know that I had my tail broken when I was younger and I sometimes have nightmares about it?
Boy cat: Did you know that I spun in 11 circles chasing my tail earlier?
Girl cat: Did you know that I will not eat out of the food bowl on the left?
Boy cat: Did you know that one time the Kid shut the bathroom door and I was trapped in there and there was music playing and no one heard me crying and I was trapped for two hours?
Girl cat: Noway!
Boy cat: yep. Point for me.

Yeah---there are points, it IS a game you know. You get a point for every time you illicit a reaction from the other person. AND we allowed three chances for the other person to ask questions about something we said, so if Boy cat was curious about Girl cat breaking her tail--he could stop and ask her a question before moving on, otherwise, you reveal your "did you know" statement and it is just a statement, not a chance to start a conversation. It's fun. It's a good way to get to know someone. And it's easy to play online while you're doing something else, like working (me) or cleaning (her).

I miss the good ole days of chatting with my Sweet Sister Susan from the South.


  1. kyooty said...:

    That does sound fun, I know I'm like years late replying. Did you know I actually click on those "you might be interested in"?


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