Time Keeps Ticking

Wow, what a busy day today! I don't want to go into it again about how much my day has changed since getting this new job, but oh.my.god----I am working so incredibly hard each day. I've been carrying around 3 bills to mail for about 9 days now and just have not had a minute where I have had a chance to walk the two minutes to the post office on site here.

I love my job-I really do. However, I wish I had about 3 more hours in the workday so I can just get everything done. And it's not like I need three extra hours on ONE day to finish...I need three more EVERY day.

And my supervisor started talking to me today about a piece of my job I haven't been trained on yet. Another piece? Hmm....maybe I need four more hours every day!!
It's all wonderful though. I love being busy, I love being productive, I'm like a flower child now. I love everything and everyone.



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