Cry Me a River

Since the Big Fall of 2007, the whole world has been off-kilter. Slightly askewed. Leaning a bit too far on one edge.

I'm still achy.
I haven't worked out lately.
My house is a mess.
I started decluttering the volunteer supplies in my closet and have things spread out in my bedroom, but got sidetracked by going through a big box of old clothes (dress shirts from two years ago...still cute, still don't fit, still in a box).
I need a haircut.
I need contacts.
I need to sleep three more hours in a night.
I need to stop whining.

I somehow started biting my nails again. Just on the left hand. I think that means the earth is leaning to the left, due to the Big Fall of 2007.

Things not to be blamed on the BF of 07:

The people of Darfur are still in the midst of a genocide.
The people in Baghdad still live every day angry at Americans.
The people in Canada still talk funny.
The people in France still smell (sorry, sometimes the truth hurts France).



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