Drinking And Driving Makes me Fall Down

I wasn't the one drinking and driving.
I rarely even drink, much less think I should drive afterwards...

Last night, I hear a vehicle come flying through the apartment complex. I am on the corner unit in the back of the complex; I don't typically get a LOT of traffic my way, usually it's people who are actually trying to get to the back for some reason. This vehicle made quite a ruckus coming around the corner though, it was obvious before I even looked that they were going to fast.
I looked out the blinds but just caught their taillights as they passed by.

And then....
Loud crashing noises, squealing of tires, more crashing noises, and then the vehicle headed back past my door (where I was now standing). I watched a big white truck go flying by. I could smell the burning of the tires.

And then...

I heard crying.
We have three little lovely Hispanic boys who live at the other side of the unit. Sometimes the Kid goes out to play with them. I offer them candy when they are outside and we have some in the car. I speak Spanish to them, they speak English to us. They are adorable. AND they are outside playing about 90% of the evening. My first thought was that they had been hurt by the Flying Vehicle. There have been many times that I've had to slow way down because they were playing in the street and didn't move very fast even when they saw my car coming. Flying Vehicle would not have given them enough time to move.

Luckily---it wasn't them crying. Even more luckily, no one was hurt.

Four cars had been rammed by Flying Vehicle though. One little car was the unfortunate one to be at the end parking spot and has almost lost its entire back end. The other three aren't quite as bad. Two of them are still drivable and look to be pretty well off. Apparently Flying Vehicle came around the corner at mach speeds, missed the corner and rammed into the car on the end, pushing it into the others. Then Flying Vehicle decided it had no option but to back out and leave the way it came....we think it got a bit stuck on the smashed car though, and hit the gas a bit too hard, as it then drove up the curb at the top of the corner and struck a tree. It then spun out and headed past my door.

And then...
About 30 of us from the surrounding buildings came outside to check things out. As I got there, someone was walking around and said Has anyone called the police yet?? No one had, so I did.

What's really absurd about this, I later found out, one genius (Roger) was actually sitting on his front porch, which is in-between Rammed Car and the tree that was struck. He had been smoking a cigarette and watched Flying Vehicle do its little dance. And was talking on the phone. To a friend. And apparently never thought to get off and call the police. Brilliant.

Someone in the building apparently knows the driver and admitted to the crowd that they had been drinking and maybe were upset when they said they would be right back. More brilliance, they let him drive away.

And then...
I went back inside for my coat, after talking to the 911 operator and being told to wait for the police. I headed back to the area and just as I came around the corner, in clear view of approximately 30 neighbors, twisted my ankle and fell. Full body splat. I tried to play it off like it was no big deal and tried to get right back up, but from then on, everyone I passed by said "are you okay" and one girl actually referred to me as "the girl who fell." I don't know about 23 of the people who watched my slide into the invisible home plate for the winning point for the Red Sox, but I think that they will remember me. If they see me passing by them at an angle to the ground. Probably with a shocked look on my face. And probably making a noise that sounds something like "aawwww-argh" and then..."splat."



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