Fun at the Drive Through

Wendys is yummy-admit it-they are.
The fries are *just* right. Thick and crispy, but not dry.
Salty, but not too much so.
AND they were the first to go trans-fat free.
Yay for Wendys.

The kid and I go there about every other week it seems. Usually just for an order of fries to share, as I don't think that highly of the rest of the food they offer.
One time we had a great laugh after I asked them to hold and then told the Monkeyboy "okay, go ahead when you're ready." He very cooly said, okay, I'm ready.

Sometimes we'll place our order and specify that we would like it "to go." In the drive through.

Lately, I've started specifying who wants what.

Monkeyboy at Wendy's: Welcome to Wendys. I'll take your order whenever you're ready.
Me: One moment please.

Monkeyboy: Go ahead when you're ready.

Me: (pause. pause. talk with kid). Okay, Andrew would like an order of fries and a five piece nugget. And I would like an order of fries and a medium dr. pepper.

Monkeyboy: Okay, blahblah.

Last time though---Monkeyboy stops me before I place my part of the order and says, "wait, who wanted the nuggets?"
Me: Andrew did.
Monkeyboy: Okay, Andrew wants nuggets. Go ahead.

Us: lol

We are funny. I love that the Monkeyboy played along with it.



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