Good Morning My Friends!!!

Chatter chatter chatter!!

Squawk screech squawk!

Good morning everyone!!
Today's wake-up call was provided by a beautiful overly-friendly BlueJay and his fluffy friend Mr Squirrel.

Mr. Squirrel told Mr. Bluejay all about his evening last night. It was quiet and peaceful.
Mr. Bluejay told Mr. Squirrel all about his flight to the area. It was fairly chilly, but not very windy.

Mr. Squirrel told Mr. Bluejay about the stash of nuts beside the tree.
Mr. Bluejay told Mr. Squirrel that he wasn't too sure about the cat in the window.

Mr. Squirrel assured Mr. Bluejay that the gray cat is harmless and quiet, but the calico cat is definitely trouble.
Mr. Bluejay questioned why there were three fully in-tact carrots by the tree.

Mr. Squirrel let him know that the crazy neighbors left them for him, though he isn't really a vegetable kind of furball.
Mr. Bluejay thinks the neighbors aren't very smart.


The conversation between the two continued for at LEAST an hour. They had a lot to catch up on apparently.
And apparently they had to do so directly outside of my window.
Early in the morning.
On a Saturday.



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