Making a Difference

Does anything we do ever make a difference in the world? I like to believe that every positive little thing we do will be like a ripple effect for other good things. I wish I could do more.I had 21 volunteers show up for my Uganda project on Sunday. We made two complete alphabet posters for the JIM school in Uganda. Looking at the pictures of the school, I can imagine how the posters we make will make the kids of the school VERY excited. The walls are very bare. The floors are literally dirt floors. They do not all have a table or desk to sit at. They have no frame of reference for their schoolwork once their teacher erases the chalkboard after a lesson.

Hopefully the ABC posters we made this weekend (and next month) will be helpful to the education of these amazing kids who endure so much.

But ultimately, it's not enough. I can't make their lives easier or better or last longer. I can't help the little boy who lost both his parents to AIDS before he was four realize his full potential as a human. It saddens me to know that I can make the smallest little piece of their life a little brighter, but I can't make their life better in a broader sense. I like to believe that they know that with this small bit of effort and energy devoted to this project from a random lady across the world means that there are people out there who care. People know about them. People want to help.

If only there were more people who would give a little of their time. If we all cared just a little more, we could share the burden of knowing these innocent children are growing up in such a cruel world. We can make it better. We could at least try. Sometimes the weight of my privileged life is too much.

The only source of water at the school:

It is new in the last year and is only there because the volunteer teacher was awarded a grant.
Running water as a luxury? What kind of world is that?

Africa saddens me. I want to do more. I want to make a difference.



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