My Earth is Happy

Another book off my booklist! I'm not sure where I heard of this one from, but it was pretty sad. From Amazon: Sebold was raped as a college freshman, but the police said she was "lucky." At least she wasn't murdered and dismembered like the girl before her. Yep, it was just that uplifting-the whole way through. I kept waiting for the magical ending where she rose up and had some enlightening moment, but the whole book was a struggle, reliving the violent rape about five different times throughout the book.

It was well-written and I would probably read something else by her, but this book was harrowing throughout. The ending was a bit abrupt - the rapist was put away after she was incredibly brave throughout, and then she pretended nothing had happened by drinking a lot, then she finished college, kept telling her story, got on Oprah as a guest and then turned to heroin while teaching. Where's the feel-good ending there? The Oprah/heroin portion literally was wrapped up within the last 20 pages.
I think becoming a guest on Oprah alone deserves 20 pages, much less a life on heroin as a teacher!

Nothing big going on here. I'm so super-busy at work that sometimes I don't notice the time until I realize it's been two hours since I last had a drink of water, or last moved from my chair, or last thought of anything but work. The world just SPINS at work (in my old job, the earth pretty much just sat on its edge, sometimes listing from one side to the next, thinking about how fun it would be to spin).

My wish for the day:
I'd like to buy the 3bd, 2bth house down the road-complete with pool, garage, fireplace, on a corner lot on a cul-de-sac near the high school. It's about $200,000 more than I can afford though. I will now begin taking donations. I anticipate HUGE amounts of people are waiting to invest in someones happiness and I am willing to help them fulfill that need.

I want the third bedroom for the first of many foster kids I want to take in, though my son would most definitely want it for a game room, since 80% of the people he knows have their own room for GAMES (how absurd).



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